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Kiss Me 123 Lyrics
BY  Wilber Pan
ALBUM  Will's Future

Added by: LyrreChelle

潘玮柏 - Kiss Me 123
KISS ME123 我最爱的那个你
让我给你甜蜜 为你挡风遮雨
KISS ME123 唯一爱的就是你
要和你在一起 为你我什么都愿意
爱上你的微笑 一夜睡不着 怎么办才好
因为你的美丽 让我神魂颠倒
慢慢慢靠近你 不让你知道 我的心在跳
闭上我的眼睛 幻想你赖在我怀抱
别让我失去了你 别把爱藏在心里
让我听一听 让我听一听

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Added by: LyrreChelle

pan wei bo - Kiss Me 123
KISS ME123 wo zui ai de na ge ni
rang wo gei ni tian mi wei ni dang feng zhe yu
KISS ME123 wei yi ai de jiu shi ni
yao he ni zai yi qi wei ni wo shi me dou yuan yi
wo shi me dou yuan yi
ai shang ni de wei xiao yi ye shui bu zhe zen me ban cai hao
yin wei ni de mei li rang wo shen hun dian dao
man man man kao jin ni bu rang ni zhi dao wo de xin zai tiao
bi shang wo de yan jing huan xiang ni lai zai wo huai bao
bie rang wo shi qu le ni bie ba ai cang zai xin li
rang wo ting yi ting rang wo ting yi ting
ni de xin

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Added by: LyrreChelle

Pan - Kiss Me 123
KISS ME123 I love that you
Let me give you sweet as you shelter from the storm
KISS ME123 only love is you
To you you I do are willing to
I am willing to do anything
In love with your smile night sleep how to do
Let me out of my mind because of your beauty
Slowly slow close to you to let you know my heart jump
Close my eyes and imagine you rely in my arms
Do not let me lose Do not you love Cangzaixinli
Let me listen to what I listen
Your heart

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