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Speak Frankly (You Hua Zhi Shuo) Lyrics
BY  Wilber Pan
ALBUM  Pass Me The Mic

Added by: LyrreChelle

什么时候 雨过天晴
慢慢靠近你 慢慢接近你
不能说 我就不能让你明白
Whoh uh uh看着事情有点奇怪
打开 撬开 爱情 友情
我不想 因为这样闯祸
告诉我 我到底该怎么去做
我需要怎么做 总不在意我
难道爱你是错 请你直说
我需要怎么做 你在想什么
总是让我难过 好寂寞 要我继续说吗
这是一场非常大的战争 听着我说
我即将化暗为明 把我的一字一句
废话对话 girl你不要再闪
但女方 我真的好像给得特别多
到底该用什么方法解决 你是否
总不在意我 难道爱你是错
请你直说 我需要怎么做
你在想什么 总是让我难过 好寂寞

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Added by: LyrreChelle

kan dao ni de shi hou ya li zen me hui na me duo
gen ben bu dong
ni de nan ren zen me rang ni xin dong
gan dong wo kan chu ni de tong ku
rang wo kan chu ni de xin qing
shi me shi hou yu guo tian qing
man man kao jin ni man man jie jin ni
ta de wen cun pao dao na li dao di zai na li
liao zhe ni de mi mi bu zhi ta de mi mi
bu hang zhe na shi yi duan ai qing
bu neng shuo wo jiu bu neng rang ni ming bai
Whoh uh uh kan zhe shi qing you dian qi guai
wo zen me yi ceng yi ceng ba na jia suo
da kai qiao kai ai qing you qing
jue dui mei you shang hai
gao su wo gao su wo zhe yang zi zuo jue dui bu hui zuo cuo
wo bu xiang yin wei zhe yang chuang huo
dan shi wei he wo de xin hui ru ci nan guo
gao su wo wo dao di gai zen me qu zuo
wo xu yao zen me zuo zong bu zai yi wo
nan dao ai ni shi cuo qing ni zhi shuo
wo xu yao zen me zuo ni zai xiang shi me
zong shi rang wo nan guo hao ji mo yao wo ji xu shuo ma
zhi bu zhi dao wo zai deng ni de hui da
sui ran xin zhong you le shang ba
dan wo de rang ni ming bai
zhe shi yi chang fei chang da de zhan zheng ting zhe wo shuo
wo ji jiang hua an wei ming ba wo de yi zi yi ju
dou zhi jie da ru ni de xin uhh
wo xiang ni ke neng wan zhe duo bi you xi haha
fei hua dui hua girl ni bu yao zai shan
wo zhi dao ni men dou shi wo de peng you
dan nv fang wo zhen de hao xiang gei de te bie duo
wo xiang feng zhu wo de shuang chun bu xiang rang ni fen shen
dan wo bu xiang lang fei wo de qing chun
dao di gai yong shi me fang fa jie jue ni shi fou
ke yi zhi jie jie shou wo de gan jiao
wo bao zheng shi ge bi jiao hao de nan ren
bu yao zai wen zi ji cao zong zi ji de ren sheng
wo xu yao zen me zuo
zong bu zai yi wo nan dao ai ni shi cuo
qing ni zhi shuo wo xu yao zen me zuo
ni zai xiang shi me zong shi rang wo nan guo hao ji mo

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Added by: LyrreChelle

To see how much pressure when
Do not understand
Your man how your heart
Touched me to see that your pain
Let me see your mood
When the storm is over
Slowly near you slowly close to you
His tenderness went where Where
I do not know his secret chatting your secret
Not this is a love
Can not say that I will not allow you to understand
Whoh uh uh looking at things a little strange
Layer by layer, how do I put it shackles
Open pry open love friendship
Absolutely no harm
Tell me tell me this do absolutely no wrong
I do not want to get into trouble because it
But why my heart is so sad
Tell me what the how to do it
I do not care about how to do a total I
Is it love you're wrong you straight
How do I need to do what you're thinking
Always makes me sad so lonely to be continued
Know I'm waiting for your answer
Although he had scars
But I must let you know
This is a very big war Listen I said
I am about to darkness for that I single word of
Directly into your heart uhh
I thought you might be playing to avoid game haha
The nonsense dialogue girl you do not then flash
I know that you are my friend
But the woman I really seems to have a particularly large number of
I want to seal my lips do not want you distracted
But I do not want to waste my youth
In the end this with any solution you
I feel you can directly accept
I promise to be a better man
Do not ask to manipulate his own life
How do I need to do
The total does not care Do I love you is wrong.
You straight how I need to do
What are you thinking always makes me sad so lonely

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