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    Nuimee 5yr ago


    I´m not very active here anymore actually but I found a guild on discord focused on jrock, I can invite you to the chatroom if you´re interested. It would be nice to stay in touch somehow

    A belated Happy new year to you too!

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    RockfanMK 6yr ago

    Why is it every time I have a chance to log in here, I find out depressing news about a favorite band or media? 

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    Nuimee 7yr ago

    Haha its no Problem ´cause I like reading^^ Thank you!

    Mine lives with my parents thats just to far away (like...400km? not sure) T_T
    Well, living alone has some qualities too and thanks to modern age I have no problem keeping contact :D german, drinking is often used to refere to, "ich trinke heute" literally means "I drink today" (sentence seems weird but I don´t want to make it correct just to prove my point) but what the person actually plans to is to get drunk...
    So, drinking more is a good thing? :p

    Haha Gintama is always out of context :D
    "liebe" means "love" thats right. But I think it should be "Ich werde geliebt" instead...german grammar is like english plus french plus japanese, when you add all rules of these language you get the amount of rules german has :o

    Haha imagine Arlequin in pink costumes :p But if we take a dark kind of pink, maybe it could work too.

    I think so...T_T I can´t compete with him T_T

    I feel sorry for Danger Crue...loosing two bands in a year...

    I didn´t, but I didn´t score well either...

    I´m not a big horror movie fan, I´ll watch the ones everyone says are good...
    Mao is just to cute <3
    I hope they release it, noone spoke of recordings yet T_T

    I just love how Kiryu is playing with them, its something you couldn´t do in germany at all. Like when he asks "Mou ii kai?" and freaking Budokan answers! Or how the entire audience knows exactly what to do with the fans/towels!
    He never had one^^ I think thats pretty much unique to Mahiro. Mao sits down during concerts :o 

    Try to imagine them dancing like that... :D Doesn´t fit the tone at all! :o

    I liked Hyakkiyakou more though. But Kiryu is always a threat so who knoews? Maybe I´ll love the MV so much that it pushes this look at the top.
    I think blond/light brown sweets them. DId you realize that they´ve taken a 180° turn? S.I.V.A was black and blue and the new single is white and red :D

    I don´t think we should forget about them and their influence. Just that we should judge the current generation by fair standarts and not with a block in our mind saying that VK is dead when its really not.
    I´ve never been sure what they meant by that :o

    Me neither.

    VK > Kpop so much is clear but I never expected to enjoy it at all :D 

    Well they´ll fix most of whats wrong now, like we´ll get our friendlist back and the forums.

    Haha true, I still wonder what the stylist thought...the cop though...thats Aki...
    I can tell them apart :o Like, when I see a dark picture I know who is on it...
    Waaaaaaaaaa so much brain space taken by useless stuff^^

    New bands are pretty cool this year!

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    Nuimee 7yr ago

    Hi I´m sorry for my late reply I´ve been on vacation and then my wall was spammed T_T

    Oh your sister....I miss mine already and its been 2 days since I last saw her :D
    Now that you mention it I should drink more...

    Normally I´m not against dubbing since germany is really a dub country and we have some of the best voice actors worldwide if i dare say so but thats mainly for western movies or TV series, anime is different, the translations are often messed up and it feels weird. For example, I watched the Gantz movies with my sister last week and theres a scene where a girl confesses her feelings to the main character. In japanese there are many ways of saying "I love you" all with slightly different meanings, in german theres only really one. I think they used a weaker therm in japanese because the german translation was "Ich mag dich" which literally translates to "I like you" but thats not the same as in english. Its more like a statement to say that you like a book or a movie and in this context its just plain weird...

    I think so too, but I guess it only worked out because BPR threats them like one group very often to begin with, they made sure every band joining them would fit right in characterwise, like they sent Royz on tour with Kiryu and Codomo Dragon with Royz before signing them. So they work well together, a song is always teamwork after all.
    GOEMON in pink :D :D Poor Arlequin...but I´d say dark blue fits both of them pretty well, its dark like their music tends to be and yet its a shining and strong color, unlike black its a color.

    I wonder, they sound different. R-Shitei says that SID influenced them and I think thats pretty obvious when listening to them though they have a style on their own. Just Mamo is maybe an even greater fan than I am :D 
    On topic of DIV...did you hear they´ll disband? T_T

    They actually are! <3 :D They participate in an event in octobre and Yuuya composed something :D Waaaaah I miss them T_T
    Haha thats from S (was used for a Ring movie), I have one as my cellphone lockscreen:

    I know that problem...I wrote half an english exam in french once....

    Live recordings have somthing like an echo, like you can hear its a wide space. I don´t think the quality is lower though if the audience shuts up and in japan they do. Of course theres the limit of how good they can perform live but with SID its never a problem and Kiryu has some very nice ones too.

    Its like, they have to move, it´d look weird if they don´t but then, how should they move? Having an instrument gives you a direction but without anything, its really difficult. They can´t just dance like Kpop groups do either.

    The new header are correct again :D I really like their outfits, even more than S.I.V.A, maybe enough to endanger Kiryus lead but I can´t say that until I see more moving pictures.

    I saw some really nasty comments on YT saying that VK is dead and someone answered "enough with worthshipping the old bands" and I think he´s right. Every scene changes and even though I really love some of the 2000er generation there enough talented groups to take over, Kiryu is prove of that. Just because its different from X Japan doesn´t mean its bad or not VK anymore, isn´t being different the whole point? How can they critizice them for being different from the old different then....makes no sense to me.

    Right I saw that too, I think they would be doing well in BPR, they don´t have a label either right? 

    Haha I should have shown her MyDragon :p But after watching some Kpop I get why she´s not shocked, Kpop MVs are weird too, but some are really beautiful.

    They stole my true fans T_T

    Seems like he did <3 Oh but you see, the truth is, he´d never had a solo project to begin with, he joined a Kpop group...really, its like seeing ghosts...

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    Nuimee 7yr ago

    Oh I forgot...that video you sent me is really cool! Follow them now^^



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