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Introduction ~magenta~ Lyrics
BY  Tohoshinki

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Added by: KyuryJung

Lyrics: Shinjiroh Inoue
Music: Shinjiroh Inoue

山吹色と 碧(あお)の池に
Yamabuki iro to ao no ike ni
Upon the pond with colors of golden-yellow and cyan-blue

紅紫の 花弁(かべん)落ちる
Benimurasaki no kaben ochiru
Magenta petals are floating down

憂いの言の葉(ことのは) 憐(あわ)れと舞って
Urei no kotonoha aware to matte
Fluttering as if pitying the gloomy words

静寂(しじま)の水面(みなも)に 志(こころ)映ろう
Shijima no minamo ni kokoro utsurou
The soul is reflected on the calm surface of the water.

花は散々(ちりぢり) 儚くとも
Hana wa chirijiri hakanaku tomo
Flowers are frail and fleeting but

紅紫の 花弁(かべん)落とす
Beni murasaki no kaben otosu
Shed their magenta petals to the pond

Source: RocoChoku
Translated by: Lisalio
Distributed by: Lisalio
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