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My Destiny (Acapella Version) Lyrics
BY  Tohoshinki
ALBUM  Heart, Mind and Soul

Added by: Lazuardiharuhi

僕の胸は まだ迷っている

告げた誓い 噓になるから

あの頃の 僕らの影が いま立ち上がり 動き出す
You know that I'm still
waiting for you

Another day, another night
未來はそこに 立ち止まっているけれど
Now living without your love
想い出しては 言い聞かせてる
現實だけが せつない my destiny

忘れたい。君の瞳 君の淚 君のためいきを
氣持ちかくし 過ごす每日

心だけ 叫んでいるよ
もう一度だけ 傳えたい
You know that my heart' s
beating for you

Another way, another line
永遠なんて 信じていた蒼い季節
But living without your life
君と まわり道でも
手をとりあって 步きたかった
想い出と 溶けあう my destiny

ふたりでいれば 風も波も雲も
越えられる 氣がしてた years ago
かなうなら one more chance
時間旅行へ 飛びたい spread my wings

Another you, another me
生まれかわっても 結ばれぬ想いならば
So living without you near

君と 夢で會えたら
それだけでいい それだけがいい
痛みさえ 奪って my destiny

Another day, another night
今はふたりで それぞれの道を進む
Now living without your love
君の 搖れる睫毛を
思い出しては 言い聞かせてる

現實だけが せつない my destiny

The last time we made love,
you said that you love me true
I'm missing your tender touch,
I'm missing your

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Added by: Lazuardiharuhi

kaeritai nagai yoru ni
boku no mune wa mada mayotteiru
kaerenai awai asa ni tsugeta chikai
uso ni naru kara
ano koro no bokura no kage ga
ima tachi agari ugokidesu
you know that I'm still waiting for you

another day, another night
mirai wa soko ni tachi tomatte iru keredo
now i'm living without your love
kimi no furueru kata wo omoideshite wa
iikikaseteru imadake ga setsunai
my destiny

wasuretai kimi no hitomi kimi no namida
kimi no tameiki wo
wasurenai ringu hazushi
kimochi kakushi
sugosu mainichi
kokoro dake sakende iru yo
mou ichi do dake tsutae etai
you know that my heart's beating for you

another way, another line
eien nante shinjite ita aoi toki
but i'm living without your love
kimi to mawari michi demo
te wa toori atte aru kita katta
omoi deto, toke au
my destiny

futari de ireba kaze mo nami mo kumo mo
koerareru kigashita yes i go
kanau nara one more chance
jikan wo koe tobitai
Spread my wings

another you, another me
umare kawatte mo
musuba renu omoi naraba
so i'm living without your need

kimi to yume de aetara
sore dake de ii
sore dake ga ii
ita misae ubatte
my destiny

another day, another night
ima wa futari de
sore zore no michi wo susumu
now i'm living without your love
kimi no yureru matsuge wo
omoi deshite wa iikikasetteru
ima dakega setsunai
my destiny

where is the lonely love
you said that you loved me too
i'm missing your tender touch
i'm missing your...

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Added by: Lazuardiharuhi

My heart is still struggling to return to that long night
The promise I made that early morning has become a lie and I can't go back
Our shadows are starting to move back to those days
You know that I'm still waiting for you

Another day Another night
But our future is going nowhere
Now Living without your love
I can still picture your shaking shoulder
For now, my destiny is sad

I want to forget your eyes, your tears, and sighs
Each day I take off the ring I cannot let go, still hiding my feelings
My mind wants to shout, to send one last message
You know that My hearts beating for you

Another way Another lie
I believed in fate innocently
But Living without your love
We had to go back, but I still wanted to hold your hand
My destiny is fading with memories

Together, we can overcome winds, waves, andclouds
If it can happen, give me one more chance
I want spread my wing and fly over time

Another you Another me
Would we have the same feelings if we were born again?
So Living without your me
Meeting you in my dreams is enough, it's enough for me
Let it take away the pain...

Another day Another night
We're both walking on our own paths
Now Living without your love
I can still picture your shaking eyelids
For now, my destiny is sad

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