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Hajimaru Nami Lyrics
BY  T.M.Revolution
ALBUM  Suite Season

Added by: weebllikespie

片方ずつ分けた イヤフォンで離れて聴く新譜(きょく)の
気の早い季節を 君は「嘘っぽい」と苦笑った

「まだ来てない夏に とり残される」

空の近くの 元ベンチで
僕だけが知る 君を見つけた

話すことなど なかった君が
心に落ちる 碧く深く

“時が癒してゆく”… 誰もが口にして悲しいよ
残酷な強さで 人は寂しくても生きれる

立ち昇る陽炎 僕を揺らして

恋や愛とは 違うものに
惹かれる意味も 解からずにいて



君がいるから 戻ってゆく
あの場所だけを 信じたくなる

恋や愛とは 違うものに
惹かれ途惑う その眩しさに



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Added by: weebllikespie

The song’s sound is divided between the two earphones.
When I said "The season is early this year", you smiled sarcastically and said "yeah, right".

"You are left behind in the summer that is not here yet."

By a bench close to the sky,
I found a side of you that only I know.
You didn’t have much to say to me.
But you fell deep into my heart.

"Time will heal you"… is a phrase anyone feels sad saying.
With cruel strength, people can live on even if they’re lonely.

Rising heat waves, I beg you to shake me.

I still don’t know what brought us together.
It was something much deeper than "love".
But whenever our paths crossed, I felt this:
~We both come from the same creator~

As long as you’re there, I’ll come back.
Our place is all I can believe in anymore.
What we share is much deeper than "love".
The brightness of it all confuses me.

I felt like crying, so I smiled.
We both listen to the same waves

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