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一つずつ裂いた思い出 白い壁に赤く

流れてゆくあなたの体温 瞬きを忘れ見つめていた
微かに残る喪失感 迷いなど無かった

忘れてしまいそう 堪えた痛みも涙も

あなたに手を伸ばし 一つずつ裂いた思い出

Was I wrong?
Don’t watch me with sorrowful eyes
Teach it…
Where is the truth?



すり寄せる頬が冷たくて 吐息も探せない
寂しさに慣れてたはずなのに 何故 涙溢れる?
一つずつ消えてく思い出 微笑む僕は居ない

このまま あなたと僕は孤独

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Added by: thegazettefan

Shizukesa ni shitataru kyōki ni
Akaku nureta kodoku ga warau
Nemuri o wasure asu no mienai nigotta-me

Minamo o oyogu risō jijitsu ni obore nijimu

Kanashi-ge ni doko o mite iru no?
Anata ni todokanai
Hitotsuzutsu saita omoide shiroi kabe ni akaku

Nagarete yuku anata no taion Mabataki o wasure mitsumete ita
Kasuka ni nokoru sōshitsukan Mayoi nado nakatta

Wasurete shimai-sō Kowareta itami mo namida mo

Kanashi-ge ni naze boku o miru no?
Anata ni te o nobashi Hitotsuzutsu saita omoide
Ate mo naku nagarete ku

Was I wrong?
Don’t watch me with sorrowful eyes
Teach it…
Where is the truth?

Kokoro o kika sete
Boku wa hitoridatta to

Nani mo miyō to shinakatta yowaki boku e no daishō

Suri yoseru hoho ga tsumetakute Toiki mo sagasenai
Sabishisa ni nare teta hazunanoni Naze Namida afureru?
Hitotsuzutsu kiete ku omoide Hohoemu boku wa inai

Kono mama Anata to boku wa kodoku

Credits: Kiba No Ou

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Added by: BlackRoseWitch

Loneliness drenched in red laughs
in silently dripping insanity
Impure eyes that forget to sleep
can’t even see tomorrow

Ideals swimming on the surface
are starting to sink bellow

Where are you looking with such a sad face?
The memories that won’t reach you
and were torn apart one by one
are red on the white walls

Your body temperature is being washed away
You keep staring (at me), forgetting to blink
The faint feeling of loss lingers
You didn’t have any doubts

It seems like you are going to forget
Even the pain and tears you have endured

Why are you looking at me with such a sad face?
I reach out my hand to you
The memories that were torn apart one by one
start to flow without a destination

Was I wrong?
Don’t watch me with sorrowful eyes
Teach it…
Where is the truth?

Let me hear your heart
I was alone and so
it was fine even if it was just lies

Be considerate of the weak me
who didn’t try to see anything

Your frozen face is cold
You are not even searching for a breath
I was supposed to be used to loneliness
so why are these tears falling?
I’m not smiling in the memories
that I’m starting to remember one by one

Just like this
You and I will stay in solitude

note: so basically what we have here is apparently a girl with long history of depression etc. who killed herself in the bathroom. and at this point i suggest you go read bath room lyrics, because they are the same story from the girl’s point of view. this on the other hand is the person who (i’m guessing) found her after she killed herself (red on white walls = blood on bathroom walls). and like. that part with body temperature being washed away. i’m guessing she’s in a bath room. eyes that keep staring at him without blinking. she’s dead. he has the faint feeling of something being gone. she’s dead. and she did it to herself without hesitation.
and the he kinda reaches out to her but she’s already gone and he’s like fuck sorry i knew something was wrong but i’m so weak and so alone so i didn’t say anything but i guess this is how it works. they both will be alone forever. HAPPY END.


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