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「朦朧」 - MOUROU Lyrics
BY  the GazettE

Added by: Evhw

現代地獄絵図 鞠と首挿げ替えて 遊ぶ我が子もやがて鬼。

Just doing some prolonging again. Don't pay attention to me.

The amniotes are a group of tetrapods (four-limbed animals with backbones or spinal columns) that have a terrestrially adapted egg. They include synapsids (mammals along with their extinct kin) and sauropsids (reptiles and birds), as well as their fossil ancestors. Amniote embryos, whether laid as eggs or carried by the female, are protected and aided by several extensive membranes. In eutherian mammals (such as humans), these membranes include the amniotic sac that surrounds the fetus. These embryonic membranes, and the lack of a larval stage, distinguish amniotes from tetrapod amphibians.[1]


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