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Stand by Me Lyrics
BY  the brilliant green
ALBUM  Complete Singles Collection '97–'08 DISC 1

Added by: Chouchou


Can I try? Why should I? 途切れた声
You're always on my mind so...

Stand by me
Show me stars again いつか
�?��?��?� 眠�?��?��?��?��??ら�?�??�?��?�る�?��?�


�?��?��?� �?��?��?�壊�?��?��?��?��?�

So,stand by me
動�?��?��?� �?��?��?�
�?��?��?��?�ら �?��?��?��?��?��?�ら

想�?��?��?��?� 愛�?��??�?� 切�?��??�?��?�る�?�

stand by me
stand by me
yeah, baby

So, stand by me
So, stand by me, Oh
stand by me
You're always on my mind

歩�??出�?�る �??�?��?�
見�?��?��?��?��?� �?��?��?��?�
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Added by: Chouchou

negai ichinichi ga owari
kiete yuku kako e no tobira
kizutsuitemo ii sore yori
chigau jibun wo mite mitai

can I try? "Why should I?" togireta koe
kioku no hako ni nemuru 憶(omo)i
You're always on my mind so...

Stand by me
sabitsuita sekai ni
nani ga aru no? Show me stars again itsuka
demo mienai kirameki ga aru koto
kidzukasete kureta kara


kokoro wo nozoketa nara
imasugu ni raku ni naru kana...
dare no mono ni mo naranaide
katte na negai dakeredo

dakedo itsuka kowashite shimau
garasu no hako ni
furetara kitto modorenai so...

Stand by me
akirame to negai no tobira no mae
ugokenai zutto
kanau no nara tomodachi de ii kara
tokubetsu ni naritakatta

dareka no tame ni nakeru nante
omou dake de itoshikute
setsunaku naru no
Stand by me
Stand by me yeah baby

so Stand by me
(so Stand by me oh...)
yeah baby Stand by me
(you're always on my mind)
mada mienai kirameki ga aru nara
arukidaseru kitto
mitsuketai no anata to so...
Stand by me


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Added by: Chouchou

A long day ends
and disappears into the door of the past
It may hurt, but
I want to see myself different

Can I try? “What Should I?”
A voice interrupted
These thoughts sleep inside this box of memories
You’re always on my mind…

So stand by me
Into the rusting world What else is left?
Show me star again, Someday
The invisible glitter,
Because of you it make me see

If peeking into people’s heart
can make me happy now
A thing that does not belong to anyone else
though it is just a selfish wish

but, someday it will break
By touching this the box of glass
There is no turning back So..

Stand by me
In front of the door of the resignation and the wish
Standing firm for a eternity
Because it's good to come true with a friend
Becoming something special of myself

Being able to cry for someone
I still don’t understand
Only by memories, happy and sad
stand by me
stand by me yeah, baby

So stand by me
(So stand by me Oh)
yeah baby, stand by me
(You’re always on my mind)
If the invisible glitter is still there,
By walking, certainly
I wish to find it with you So..
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