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Last Love Song Lyrics
BY  Superfly
ALBUM  Superfly

Added by: Kona

手放したくなかったよ この恋は本物だった
辿り着いた答えにまだ あなたは泣いてるの?

変わり始める事を 恐れずに生きてほしい
必ず待つ幸せから その目を逸らさないで

風のように 駆け抜けてよ
「愛してる」は もう聞こえない
二人だけの last love song

あなた以上の誰かを 愛せても忘れはしない
重なり合う二つの影 別れ際のキスも

とめどなく溢れだす 思い出は美しすぎて
戸惑わせて 引き止めるの それでも旅立たせて

風のように 駆け抜けるよ
あなたにだけ 見届けてほしい
二人だけの last love song

涙の跡 消えるころは
胸に刻む last love song

「愛してる」は もう聞こえない
二人だけの last love song

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Added by: Kona

tebanashitakunatta yo kono koi wa honmono datta
tadoritsuita kotae ni mada anata wa naiteru no?

kawarihajimeru koto wo osorezu ni ikite hoshii
kanarazu matsu shiawase kara sono me wo sorasanaide

kaze no you ni kakenukete yo
hitori ja nai koto wo wasurenaide
"ai shiteru" wa mou kikoenai
futari dake no last love song

anata ijou no dareka wo ai setemo wasure wa shinai
kasanariau futatsu no kage wakaregiwa no KISU mo

tomedonaku afuredasu omoide wa utsukushisugite
tomadowasete hikitomeru no soredemo tabidatasete

kaze no you ni kakenukeru yo
hitori de ikinuite tsuyoku naru no
anata ni dake mitodoke hoshii
futari dake no last love song

namida no ato kieru koro wa
futari no kono kotae wo shinjite yukeru
waratte mata aemasu you ni
mune ni kizamu last love song

"ai shiteru" wa mou kikoenai
futari dake no last love song

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I didn’t want to let go of it
This love was the real deal
Are you still crying from the answer
Which we finally arrived at?

I want you to live without being afraid that things will start to change
Without averting your eyes from the happiness which will surely wait for you

Run through like the wind
Without forgetting what it’s like not to be alone
“I love you” is already inaudible
It belongs to us alone, this
Last love song

Even if I’m able to love someone more than you
There’s no way I’ll forget this
Two overlapping shadows
And a parting kiss

The ceaselessly overflowing memories are too beautiful
It perplexes me and wrenches me to a halt
Even so, they make me begin anew

I’ll run through like the wind
Alone, I’ll survive and become strong
It’s you alone whom I want to lay eyes on
It belongs only to us, this
Last love song

When the tracks of my tears vanish
I’ll be able to keep believing
In the answer of ours
I hope to smile and be able to see you again
I’ll engrave it in my heart, this
Last love song

“I love you” is already inaudible
It belongs to us alone, this
Last love song


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