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Added by: Yozora

F: There's always pain in revolution
Giving birth, a life to evolution
You've got to hold your ground, take a good look around
All we need is a simple solution

We are gathered now in congregation 
Peace and love is our communication
There is nothing to fear, everything's so clear 
Here we go with our initiation

M: Where am I?
Please tell me the truth
Where am I?
Free me, will you?

F: There's no need for any aggravation,
Segregation, degradation
All we need is the truth that is me and you
Getting any from the united nations?

Education? Ratification?
Absolution's simply masturbation
Get a hold of yourself, oh well, well, well
Can we get a little cooperation?

M: Where am I?
Do I really belong?
Where am I?
So lost and so gone

Who am I?
When am I to realize
Who am I?

M: Where do we draw the line?
F: Where do you draw the line?
M: Draw your lines,
The truth is here but well confined
F: The truth is here but yet you hide
M: So well you hide
F: So well you hide

M: Still we dream the dream we dream
F: Still you dream the dream you dream
M: Of harmony
Can't you see that you are me?
F: Can't you see that I am you?
M: Love will see us through


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