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Block Party MonstAr Lyrics

Added by: Pinkyui

戦々恐々Slum city. 続く絶望Tasteのtragedy What you wanna do?
こちとら捨て身の勝負 韻踏めぬvisual死ぬ気のJoke
Do you Like「カテゴライズ」? Rockだ?Rapだ?danceだ?
うっせぇ h p r 叩き込めeasy rider ha!! 4 3 2 1

invitation rock zone!!

イメージ先攻、冷血漢 それアイラインのせい? ちゃんと持ってます情熱!
音までDope 自動のVibes好きならstageあがらず浸ってるぜデジタル
OK I will take you 食わず嫌いとか まじ 愚か!
Boo Boo↓ そんなバンビの心くすぐる
何食わぬ顔でそう火つけるNo more rule!!

声を枯らして 叫ぶのならば 共に笑顔で 此処に叫ぼう
轟音まかせ その胸の奥の弾丸を さぁ ぶちかませぃっ

It's Block Party. Start me up. To the next stage. You don't Stop.

「あの日交わした約束は 今もこの胸に咲き誇ってるから」

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Added by: kekekuku

Sensen kyoukyou Slum city.
Tsuzuku zetsubou
Tase no tragedy
What you wanna do ?
Kochitora sutemi no shoubu
Infumeno visual shinuki no Joke
Yeah ! Yeah !
Do you like "Kategoraizu" ?
Rock da ? Rap da ? Dance da ?
Ussee hpr Tatakikome easy rider ha !!
4-4 3-3 2-2 1-1 ! Yeah !

[invitation rock zone !! ] x8

Imeeji senkou, reiketsukan
Sore airainno sei ?
Chanto mottemasu jounetsu !
Oto made Dope Jidou no Vibes sukinara
Stage agarazu hitatteruze digital
OK I will take you Kuwazu giraitoka Maji Oroka !
*Boo Boo*
Sonna banbino kokoro kusuguru
Nanikuwanu kaode sou hi wo tsukeru
No more rule !!

[invitation rock zone !! ] x8

Koe wo karashite Sakebu no naraba
Tomo ni egao de koko ni sakebou
Gouon makase Sono mune no oku no dangan wo
Saa Buchikamasei

It`s Block Party. Start me up.
To the next stage. You don`t Stop
It's Block Party. Start me up.
To the next Stage.

Koe wo karashite sakebu no naraba
Tomo ni egao de koko ni sakebou
Ano hi kawashita yakusoku wa
Ima mo kono mune ni saki hokotteru kara



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Added by: kekekuku

A slum city of war and fear.
What you wanna do with the tragedy
Of the continuing taste of despair ?
We risk our lives in this match,
But we can't stamp to the rhythm of this deadly visual joke
Do you like "categories" ? Rock ? Rap ? Dance ?
You're bloody annoying hpr
Throw yourself into the easy rider ha !! 4 3 2 1

Our image is that we're the fisrt to attack and that we're cold-blooded,
Is that the because of the eyeliner ?
We do possess enough passion !
Dope up to the sound,
If you like the automatic vibes
Be soaked in the digital without getting on the stage
OK I will take you
But if you hate something without even having tried
It that's totally stupid !
Boo Boo↓ Tickle that Bambi heart,
Light the fire with your innocent face no more rule !!

Scream until your voice dries up,
If you're shouting let's shout all together
Right here with a smile
Leave it to the roar,
That bullet inside of the interior of your chest,
Come on, butt somebody with your head !

It's Block Party. Start me up.
To the next stage. You don't Stop
"That promise we exchanged back then
Is in full bloom in my chest now. "


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