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Topic Guidelines

Topics are subject to our approval process. We may decline any topic created if we deem your subject is unrelated to the audience of JpopAsia.

  • Make sure it's related to JpopAsia's audience and assigned artists
  • No low-effort posts, like screenshots, single cosplay images, wallpapers etc. Always try to share and write something interesting
  • Make sure title is accurate and grammatically correct
  • If you share spoilers add [SPOILER] in your title
  • Don't use URL shorteners
  • No click baits, no spam, no ads.
  • If you commercially benefit, or act on behalf of a company, reach out to us. We provide sponsored packages with additional statistics.
  • If the topic doesn't have a picture, try to add one. This will greatly enhance the value of your topic. Higher karma users will be able to upload images otherwise use linking images.
  • We value topics that add value to our audience and may reward you so
  • This is in addition to our general site rules

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