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SAKURA Goodbye (Instrumental) Lyrics

Added by: thoseguiltyeyes

Hello Good bye...



桜 舞い散る季節 君との思い出
チラチラと舞うよ 青空の下で
君の最後の笑顔 今も残る

Hello Good bye...


シャララ 花びら嵐 風のど真ん中
君の名前なんて 何度も叫んで
また会おうね で別れよう

遠く離れても 東京で一人でも
君からのプレゼント お揃いのミサンガ
いつか叶うよきっと 結びあった願い事
まだほどけそうにもない 信じていたいよ

桜 舞い散る季節 君への想いが
いつまでも舞うよ 青空の下で
新しいドアが開く 夢のために
また歩き出そうよ ここから

Hello Good bye...

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Added by: sakurambo20

Hello Good bye...

Kinareta seifuku no eri ga
Itsumo yori sukoshi kyuukutsu nanda
Saigo no chaimu narihibite
Kono rouka mo omoide ni kawatteku

Migite ni nigitta kaban no
Omosa wa itsumo to kawaranai keredo

Sakura maichiru kisetsu kimi to no omoide
Chira chira to mau yo aozora no shita de
Kimi no saigo no egao ima no nokoru
Mada iitakunai yo sayonara

Hello Good bye...

Shizuka na kyoushitsu no kabe ni
Ano toki futari de kaita rakugaki mo
Iroase mienikukunatta
Sotto sotto yubi de nazotte mitanda

Shalala hanabira arashi kaze nodo mannaka
Kimi no namae nante nandomo sakende
Nidoto modorenai koto shitteite mo
Mata aou nede wakare yo

Tookuhanarete mo
Tokyo de hitori de mo
Kimi kara no purezento
Osoroi no misanga
Itsuka kanau yo kitto
Musubi atta negai goto
Mada hodo kesou ni mo nai shinjiteitai yo

Sakura maichiru kisetsu kimi e no omoi ga
Itsumademo mau yo aozora no shita de
Atarashii doa ga hiraku yume no tame ni
Mata aruki dasou yo koko kara

Hello Good bye...

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Added by: thoseguiltyeyes

Hello Good bye...

The collar of the uniform that I've gotten used to wearing
Is a little bit tighter than usual
The last chime will sound
And this hall will turn into a memory

Though the weight of the bag that I hold in my right hand
Is no different than usual

Memories of being with you in the season where the cherry blossoms scatter
They flutter beneath the blue sky
Your last smile remains even now
I don't want to say goodbye yet

Hello Good bye...

Even the graffiti that we wrote back then
On the wall of the quiet classroom
Has faded and gotten hard to see
I tried softly, softly tracing it with my finger

Sha la la, in the middle of the wind in a storm of flower petals
I shout out your name over and over again
Even though I know that I can't go back again
Let's meet again, and then part ways

Though we're far apart
Though I'm all alone in Tokyo
I have a present from you
A friendship bracelet that matches yours
The wish that bound us together will definitely come true one day
It doesn't look like it's coming apart yet
That's what I want to believe

My feelings for you in the season where the cherry blossoms scatter
They flutter beneath the blue sky forever
A new door opens for the sake of dreams
It looks like I can still walk on from here

Hello Good bye...

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