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TK in the Yuukei (TK in the 夕景) Lyrics
BY  Ling tosite sigure

Added by: KumikoMichiyo

ネコが幸せに嗚くから だからボクは空を笑う 少しつづりながらコトバ
不器用に英語で書いてみた 3つの音は消えないと さりげなく冬をネガッテイタ
イツカ会おうというキミに 捧げる夕景の歌

僕達の未来を見させて 見させてくれ キミ達のカケラを見させてくれ

風は少し紫色 「夏」の匂いに 丘が見える
白い家をキミが探す二人の少年 ボクを笑う

僕達の未来を 見させて 見させてくれ キミ遠のカケラを突き剌してくれ

ケガシタ キミを大体笑顔で 辛い暗い夕焼けにキミ笑う
キミを夜の朝顔がサラウサラウ ささやかにaction

夜の朝顔が 笑う笑う 鮮やかにキミ笑う
消えた朝顔に サラウサラウ ささやかにaction
枯れた朝顔を 暗い 暗い 夕焼けにキミ笑う
夜の朝顔が サラウサラウ ささやかにaction

僕が泣いていた キミが泣いていた? 僕はキミを美しく忘れた


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Added by: KumikoMichiyo

Neko ga shiawase ni naku kara dakara boku wa sora wo warau sukoshi tsuzuri nagara kotoba
Bukyou ni eigo de kaite mita mitsu no oto wa kienai to sarigenaku fuyu wo negatteita
Itsuka aou to iu kimi ni sasageru yuukei no uta

Bokutachi no mirai wo misasete misasete kure kimitachi no kakera wo misasete kure

Kaze wa sukoshi murasaki iro 'natsu' no nioi ni oka ga mieru
Shiroi ie wo kimi ga sagasu futari no shounen boku wo warau

Bokutachi no mirai wo misasete misasete kure kimi tou no kakera wo tsuki sashite kure

Kega shita kimi wo daitai egao de tsurai kurai yuuyake ni kimi warau
Kimi wo yoru no asagao ga sarau sarau sasayaka ni action

Anata waraimasu ka ?
Yoru no asagao ga warau warau azayaka ni kimi warau
Kieta asagao sarau sarau sasayaka ni action
Kareta asagao wo kurai kurai yuuyake ni kimi warau
Yoru no asagao ga sarau sarau sasayaka ni action

Boku ga naiteita kimi ga naiteita ? Boku wa kimi wo utsushiku wasureta

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Added by: KumikoMichiyo

Since the cat cries happily, I smile at the sky while spelling a few words
That I clumsily tried to write in English, three sounds that won't disappear, nonchalantly wishing for winter
The night scenery song I offered to you, that we might meet someday

Show our future, show it, show a piece of all of you

Seeing a hill, the wind is a little purple in the scent of summer
You search for a white house, two boys together, I laugh

Show our future, show it, stab a distant piece of you

Dirtied, with your usually-smiling face, you smiled at a dark, painful sunset
The night's morning glory sweeps you away, meager action

Are you smiling ?
The night's morning glory smiles, you smile vividly
In the disappeared morning glory, modest action sweeping away
The withered morning glory, you smile at a dark sunset
The night's morning glory is swept away, modest action

I was crying, were you crying ? I beautifully forgot you

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