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BY  Rentrer en Soi

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Omae ni wa utsuranai omae ni wa hibikanai
Omaetachi subete ga ima mo konagona ni chiribamete haishoku ni somareba shinjitsu mo ai mo kuzurete yuku
Kidukanai furi wo shite hontou wa doko ka de kiduiteita shinjitsu kara me wo somuke ore ga naiteiru
Wasurarenai kioku ni kizamareta fukidasu ame makka na uso wo daite
Sogaikan ni oowarete kokoro no knife wo zutto togisumashiteiru no sa nageki wo oshikoroshite
Wakatta furi wo shite hontou wa subete ga nisemono de itami ni taetsuduketa sekai wa yuganderu
Damatta mama tatazumu zetsubou ni ikiba no nai barabara no ore ga iru
Furitsumoru yuutsu wa kieru koto naku
Wasurarenai kioku ni kizamareta kooritsuite kizu darake ni sareteku
Sayonara sayonara shinjitsu wo sagashitai kara sayonara sayonara ai wo sagashitai kara
Sukuenai omae ni wa mirai nado nai sa

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It doesn't suit you...It doesn't resound in you...
All of you are smashed and dispersed together with the present moment
If they're dyed into gray, both reality and love will collaspe

I pretend to be unaware of anything
But in fact I sensed its presence somewhere
I turn away from the reality reflected into my eyes and cry

I can't forget those memories carved in my mind
The spouting rain holds the deep red lie

My mind is filled up with the feelings of being alienated
For a long time, the knife in my heart is being sharpened
Griefing is being subdued
I pretend to understand the truth that everything is just a counterfeit
The world full of enduring pain is distorted

The moments of silence...Standing still with despair...
There isn't a place left for the scattered me

The melancholy lying thick disappeared without accident

I can't forget those memories carved in my mind
My mind is full of scratches and it's frozen

Cause I wanna search for reality
Cause I wanna search for love

There isn't a future for you, who cannot be saved

The sharp fact
The unexpected event
The spouting red rain
The bathing towel being blotted out
The unforgettable feelings

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