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'Cause it’s you Lyrics
BY  Red Velvet
ALBUM  #Cookie Jar


ひらり花びらが 足もとそっと舞ってる
一つずつ 拾い集めたい

悩んで泣いた日々も 他愛ないジョークも
ぜんぶの瞬間 大事なMemories

'Cause baby it's you… また会いたいね You… 未来のどこかで
さみしい日は Baby 絶対今日のこと 思う

時間が流れたら 忘れてしまうなら

必ずきっと 力をくれる Woo

'Cause baby it's you… どんな困難だって You… 超えて行けそうな
その存在が Baby 大きなエールだと 思う

泣かないでいいよ 笑ってほしいよ 今は 今は 今は Ah

You… また会いたいね(会いたいね)You… 未来のどこかで(Oh Yeah)
どんな日も(どんな日も)Baby 絶対今日のこと(Fu-fu)思う

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hirari hanabira ga ashimoto sotto matteru
hitotsu zutsu hiroi atsumetai

nayande naita hibi mou taainai JOOKU mou
zenbu no shunkan daiji na Memories

‘Cause baby it’s you… mata aitai ne You… mirai no doko ka de
samishii hi wa Baby zettai kyou no koto omou

jikan ga nagaretara wasurete shimau nara
ima wo sotto RIBON de shibaru yo

hanareta tte koushite (issho ni) kata narabeta koto ga
kanarazu kitto chikara wo kureru

‘Cause baby it’s you… donna konnan datte You… koete yukesou na
sono sonzai ga Baby ookina EERU da to omou

SAYONARA wa kitto mata au hi no jumon da kara
nakanaide ii yo waratte hoshii yo ima wa ima wa ima wa Ah

You… mata aitai ne (aitai ne) You… mirai no doko ka de (Oh yeah)
donna hi mou Baby (donna hi mou) zettai kyou no koto (Fu-fu) omou

Credits: colorcodedlyrics

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Flower petals dance gently at my feet
I wanna pick them up
One by one
The days I cried because I was so worried,
the silly little jokes we told each other
All those moments are precious memories of mine
‘Cause baby it’s you
I wanna see you again
You, sometime in the future
On days when I’m feeling lonely, baby
I’ll definitely think of today

If I’m just going to forget
This moment over time
Then I’ll tie it down gently with a ribbon
Even if we end up apart
The fact that we stood (together)
Side by side will give me strength, woo

‘Cause baby it’s you
Your presence in my life
You, makes me feel like I can get through anything
No matter how hard, baby
I think of you as one loud cheer

Goodbye’s a spell for
Seeing each other again someday
So no need to cry, I want you to smile
Right now, right now, right now, Ah

You, I wanna see you again (I wanna see you)
You, sometime in the future
Every single day (Every single day)
Baby, I’ll definitely think of today

Credits: kimonobeat

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