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Aishi (kanashi) (愛し(かなし)) Lyrics
ALBUM  RADWIMPS 2 ~Hatten Tojou~ (RADWIMPS 2 〜発展途上〜)

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Added by: Tomagotchi

Dareka wo aiseta ano toki no kimochi de itsumo iretara
Dareka wo kizutsukeru kotoba mo, kono yo ni wa nakatta darou na

Michiteite, kareteite, kokoro wa itsumo dareka wo
Tsukihanashite mata motomete, itsumo no toki no sei ni shite

Kizutsuketeta hito no kawo ni dake mozaiku wo kakete, mata kokoro wa ai wo sagasu
Aisareru, sono tame dake ni yasashisa wa aru to
Hazukashigaru koto mo naku, sore wo hito to yonda

Aishiteiru to iu koe ga, naiteiru you ni kikoeta
Kokoro ga itsuka uso wo tsuku no wo boku wa dokoka de shitteita no

"Motto jibun wo suki ni nare" tte kurai hito ni yasashii kimi e
Jibun no tame ni tsukau kokoro, nokotteiru no?
Boku wa dame nano, boku no kokoro, boku dake no tame ni tsukau mono nano
Konna boku wo naze itoshiku omoeru no?

(Koraete, koraete, afurete)
Kimi no mabuta wa boku ga jibun no tame ni
Itsumo uso wo tsukutabi, tada namida kobosu no
(Umarete kuru mae kara wakatteita)
Kamisama wa shiteta, subete, kounaru koto ga
Soshite kimi no hitomi ookiku tsukkutetano

Sorekara miteita no, shitteita no, itsudemo boku wa boku no koto wo
Dareyori, nani yori, ichiban suki nano wo
Sorenano ni, sorenano ni, kimi no iu kodoba wa iu konna boku ni
Dareyori, nani yori, boku ga itoshii to iu

Kimi wa sore wo yasashisa to yobu kotosae shirazu ni

Kimi no
Itsudatte dareka no tame ni atta kokoro wa itsumo
Doredake no jibun wo aisetadarou
Boku no itsudatte yasashisugiteita boku wa itsumo
Doredake no "dareka" aisetadarou

Kotoba wa itsumo sono hito ni utsushigateta
Kamisama wa naze konna chikaku ni kotoba wo tsukuttano?
Kokoro wa itsumo, kotoba ni kakure damatteta
Kamisama wa naze konna fukaku ni kokoro wo tsukutta no?

Kokoro to kotoba ga kasanattetara, hitotsu ni nattara
Ikutsu no kimi e no kanashii uso ga yasashii iro ni nattetarou

Minna sou (I was here to), jibun (tell you why) no tamedake ni itsumo "dareka" ga iru
Jaa sono (You were here) "dareka" (to tell me why) no tame ni wa nande boku wa inai no?
Kimi wa sou kitto sou, "jibun yori suki na hito ga iru" jibun ga suki nano
Ima wa ieru yo, "jibun yori suki na kimi ga iru", ima no boku ga suki

Hito ga ito no tame ni nagasu namida, sorekoso ga ai no sonzai no akashi da
Sore wo oshietekureta no wa kimi da, kimi ga tsukutta boku no kokoro wa
"Dareka no tame ni sore ga boku no tame ni" ima wa ieru sore ga ari no mama ni
Ikiteku koto dato, sore ga hito nanda to

Boku wa sore wo yasashisa to, yobu koto wa mou shinai yo

Kimi no
Itsudatte dareka no tame ni atta kokoro wa kitto
Sonna jibun wo aishita no darou
Boku mo itsuka wa aiserukana? Kimi no you ni nareru kana?
Boku wa doredake no "dareka" wo aiseru kana?
Naiteta ne, kimi wa naiteta ne, kokoro ga "naite" to sakebu mama
Boku wo kirai ni naranai you ni, sou inoru you ni
Kimi wa aishitane, hito wo aishita ne, kokoro ga kare sou ni naru made
Kimi no bun made, boku no tame, kareru made

Aishiteru to iu koe ga, naiteiru you ni kikoeta
Kokoro ga itsuka hito wo sukuu no wo kimi wa isudemo shitteita no.

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Added by: Kujira

If only we had always lived remembering how it felt to love someone,
then perhaps there would be no need for hurtful words in this world?

Our hearts, whether full of love or withered,
are always pushing others away, only to pull them back close again.
And, eventually we blame it all on the moment.

In our memories, we blur only the faces of those we have hurt.
And with that we begin searching for a new love.
We don’t care, we do some shamelessly; we’re only kind because we want to be loved.
That’s just how people are.

You whispered your love to me with a shakey voice; as if you were crying.
Somewhere inside of me, I had always known that my heart would be untrue

You’re so gentle to everyone else that it makes me want you to think more about yourself
Do you still have enough of your heart left over to use for yourself?

I’m hopeless; it’s my heart and I use it only for myself.
Tell me; how is it that you’ve come to love someone like me?

(Enduring, withstanding, yet it eventually overflows)
Everytime I lied for my own sake, all you did was allow tears to fall from your eyes
(He knew even before you were born)
God knew that everything would happen, and so He gave you big eyes

After that, I realized that more than anything and anyone,
I myself was the one I held the dearest.

Yet despite that, despite all of that,
you told me that you loved me more than anyone and anything in the world.

You didn’t even know that that was a form of gentleness.

Your heart had always, always been for there for someone else’s sake,
But just how much have you been able to love yourself?

Everyone around me was always too gentle, too kind.
But just how much was I able to love someone else?

People say that words reflect how a person really is.
Tell me; why is it that God decided to make these words so close?

Our hearts are always hiding silently behind our words.
Why is it that God created us with our hearts so deep inside of us?

If only our hearts and words could pile upon each other and become one in itself,
just how many of the sad lies I spoke to you would be turned into a gentle love?

(I was here to tell you why)
Everyone’s the same; we all have “someone” who’s living just for us.
(You were here to tell me why)
If that’s so, then why is it that there is no one that you yourself are living for?

That’s how you were; you liked yourself, who had been able to love someone else
I can say that now, too. That I love you more than myself. I like the way I am now.

One’s overflowing tears for another are, in itself, proof of the existance of love
You were the one who taught me that – you, who created my heart

“Who was this all for? It was for myself,” I can say it as it is.
Yet, we, as people, keep on living.

I don’t call that gentleness anymore

Your heart had always, always been for there for someone else’s sake,
Yet you must have somehow found a way to love yourself as well.

I wonder if I can find love someday, too?
If I can become someone like you?
Just how much can I give myself to someone else?

Tears. You were crying, as if your heart had screamed aloud.
Almost as if it was praying so hard that you wouldn’t hate me.

You loved, didn’t you? You loved people.
Loved people so much that you let your heart wither.
You even let your own self wither.

You whispered your love to me with a shakey voice; as if you were crying.
As if you’d always known that our hearts would be the only thing to save us


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