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Yubikiri Genman (指切りげんまん) Lyrics
ALBUM  RADWIMPS 4 ~Okazu No Gohan~ (RADWIMPS 4 ~おかずのごはん~)

Added by: monstabot

忘れないように僕は笑うけど それだけじゃ足りないから
小指と小指で誓い合っては いつもの歌歌うんだ

だけどその度胸が痛むのを 僕は少し気付いてた
顔に出ないようにまた笑うけど 気付かれてはいないかな

未来のデジャブ 顔を出す

『あの時君のその小指は 僕になんて誓ったんだい?』
『あの時僕のこの小指は 君になんて誓ったんだい?』

約束交わす度に分かってた 君は少し遠くなる

そうやって 約束して また破って 疑って 遠くなって
繰り返して そんな約束なんて

二人のうちどちらかを 嘘つきにするためのものならば

きっと大丈夫 二人なら
未来のデジャブ いないいないばぁ

あの時僕のこの小指は 君をなんで疑ったんだい?
あの時僕のこの小指は 君になんでビビったんだい?
あの時君のその小指は 僕になんて誓ったんだい?
そんなことはもう言いたくない 君にだって言わせやしない

小指は指切りのためじゃない 誓いは交わし合うもんじゃない
小指は指切りのためじゃない 誓いは壊し合うもんじゃない


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Added by: monstabot

wasurenai youni boku wa warau kedo soredake ja tarinai kara
koyubi to koyubi de chikaiatte wa itsumono utautaunda

dakedo sono tabimune ga itamuno wo boku wa sukoshi kizuiteta
kao ni denai youni mata waraukedo kizukarete wa inaikana

utai owatta sono toki ni
mirai no dejavu kao wo dasu

[ano toki kimi no sono koyubi wa, boku ni nante chikattandai?]
[ano toki boku no kono koyubi wa, kimi ni nante chikattandai?]

yakusoku kawasu tabini wakatteta kimi wa sukoshi tookunaru
kono kyori mata chijimeta nakunatte wa yakusoku wo sumi ageteku

souyatte yakusokushite mata yabutte utagatte tookunatte
kurikaeshite sonna yakusokunante

futari no uchi dochira ka wo usotsuki ni suru tame no mono naraba
sonna mono wa iranai yo

kitto daijobu futari nara
mirai no dejavu inai inaiba

ano toki boku no kono koyubi wa kimi wo nande utagattandai?
ano toki boku no kono koyubi wa kimi ni nande bibittandai?
ano toki kimi no sono koyubi wa boku ni nante chikattandai?
sonna koto wa mou iitakunai kimi ni datte iwaseyashinai

koyubi wa yubikiri no tame janai chikai wa kawashiau monjanai
koyubi wa yubikiri no tame janai chikai wa kowashiau monjanai

otagai no mune no uchi ni sotto

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Added by: monstabot

Even though I smiled in order to not forget, it was still not enough
So we hooked out pinkies in a promise and sang the usual song

But I sort of realized that every time we did that, my chest would hurt
So I smiled again in order to not let that show on my face, but I guess you noticed it

The moment when we stopped singing
A déjà vu from the future presented itself

“What did your little pinky promise to me that time?”
“What did my little pinky promise to you that time?”

Every time we made a promise I would know that you’d distance yourself a little from me
Then in order to shorten that distance, we’d pile up the promises

Just like that, we make a promise; then we break it, become suspicious
Become farther apart, and repeat it all over again, if it’s a promise like that

Which makes one of us the liar in between us both,
Then I don’t want such a thing.

It will definitely be alright, if it’s the two of us;
A déjà vu from the future won’t exist, won’t exist

My pinky of that other time – why did it suspect you so?
My pinky of that other time – why was it afraid of you?
Your pinky of that other time – what did it promise to me?
I don’t want to talk about these things anymore, and I don’t want to let you talk about them too

Our pinkies aren’t for the sake of making pinky promises, and our vows aren’t meant to be exchanged

We’ll just put them in each other’s hearts

Credits: translation from by http://baru

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