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Judgement Lyrics

Added by: heart9

심판을 니가 왜 해
판단은 내가 해
이 판은 내가 main
그 간판을 걷어내
허술하게 나를 얽매오던
쇠사슬은 bust
저 멀리에서 손짓해
나를 기다리는 hustle
난 얌전한 고양이 아닌 늑대
배가 고파지면 조용히 삼켜 끝내
I'm done
잘못 돼 왔던 걸 바로잡은 건
은폐 아닌 폐기지
점수는 감히 매기지마
너 필요한 건
begging me

Credits: Melon

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Welcome to the NU’EST time
Enjoy listening to the music
Warning Warning system check please
You must not resist em, you must not resist em
Warning Warning!

Yo simpaneul niga wae hae pandaneun naega hae
i paneun naega main geu ganpaneul geodeonae

heosulhage nareul eorngmaeodeon soesaseureun bust
jeo meollieseo sonjitae nareul gidarineun hustle

nan yamjeonhan goyangi anin neukdae
baega gopajimyeon joyonghi samkyeo kkeutnae I’’m done

jalmot dwae watdeon geol barojabeun geon eunpye anin pyegiji
jeomsuneun gamhi maegijima neo pillyohan geon begging me


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Added by: pinktopaz

Why are you making the judgement? I will make the decision
I’m the main in this field, put away your signs

Bust apart the iron chains that weakly tied me
They point fingers at me from far away, the hustle waiting for me

I’m not a docile cat but I’m a wolf
When I get hungry, I’ll silently swallow, I’m done

Correcting what’s wrong is not hiding but getting rid of things
Don’t you dare give me a score, what you need to do is begging me


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