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Kitagawa Kenji (北川謙二) Lyrics
ALBUM  Kitagawa Kenji (北川謙二)

Added by: obakesan97

ずっと気になってたんだ 微かな風の噂

会いたくなんてないけど そう このカフェテリアで
偶然 遭遇してしまった


Look at あれが北川謙二だ 君はそっとつぶやいて

Look at まさに北川謙二だ 僕はちょっと苛ついて

Look at あれが北川謙二だ 君はわざと大声で

Look at つまり北川謙二だ そして僕がわかったよ
今の君がキレイなのは 彼のおかげ

Credits: obakechan

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Added by: obakesan97

zutto ki ni natteta nda kasukana kaze no uwasa
Kimi ga tsuki atteta kareshi

Aitakunatenai kedo sou kono KAFETERIA de
guuzen souguushite shimatta

Itazurappoi UINKU shinagara
ago no saki de aizu shita

Look at are ga Kitagawa Kenji da kimi wa sotto tsubuyaite
boku no (boku no) han'nou (han'nou) tanoshinderu

Look at masani Kitagawa Kenji da boku ha chotto iradatsu ite
ima no kimi wo mou ichido dakishimeru

Look at are ga Kitagawa Kenji da kimi ha wazato oogoe de
ai to (ai to) ai wo (ai wo) tameshite iru

Look at tsumari Kitagawa Kenji da soshite boku ga wakatta yo
ima no kimi ga KIREI na no wa kare no okage

Credits: obakechan

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Those faint rumors
About the guy you went out with
Always weighed on my mind
It's not that I wanted to meet him
But yea, we just happened to see each other
In this cafe
While giving me a mischievous wink
You also made a gesture with your chin
Look at that's Kitagawa Kenji
You quietly mutter that to me
Enjoying (enjoying) that look (that look) on my face
Look at that's certainly Kitagawa Kenji
Now I'm a little anxious
I hug you again right at that moment
You definitely can't hear about
The guys that the person you love
Went out with right?
I'm jealous and very petty
I won't even forgive things from the past
If that guy comes here in front of us
I'll duke it out with him for your love
He is that Kitagawa Kenji
Looks like you are getting sentimental by
That sugary coated smile of his
He is still Kitagawa Kenji
He couldn't make you happy before
That's right, I don't want to lose to that guy
Look at that's Kitagawa Kenji
You deliberately yelled that out loud
Sizing up (sizing up) our love (our love) with love
Look at after all it's Kitagawa Kenji
Then I knew
It's all thanks to him
That you became this beautiful

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