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Raison D'Etre (Reason for Being) Lyrics
BY  Nightmare
ALBUM  Raison D'Etre

Added by: kiHAKU

Ah 幾つもの夜を越えて
凍った夢と 消えゆく涙
Warm me, Warm me, Wrap me

もう 戻れない 決別の日
深く根ざした 傷は消えない
Hide it, Hide it, Hide me
それでも いつでも 明日(あす)を夢見ては

生きる意味など 知らないままでいい

「何も変わらないで 今のままでいい」と
心のどこかに 貴方がいるから
旅ゆくエトランジェ 答えは知らなくていい

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Added by: kiHAKU

Ah ikutsumono yoru wo koeta
kootta yume to kieyuku namida
Warm me, Warm me, Wrap me

Ichido subete wo wasureta hazuna no ni
Hito wo aisenai kono mi ga nikui

Dokomade aruitemo owari ga mienai
Kako no kioku wo michizure ni
Kono mi wa nani iro ni somariyuku no darou
Kotae wo sagashiteiru

Mou modoranai ketsubetsu no hi
Fukaku nezashita kizu wa kienai
Hide it, Hide it, Hide me

Ryoute ni mochikirenai hodo no hoshikuzu
Hitotsu, mata hitotsu sora ni kaeshite

Yowakute mijimena jibun wa ano koro
Nani mo shirazu ni ikiteita
Soredemo itsudemo asu wo yume mite wa
Yubiori kazoeteita

Ikiru imi nado shiranai mama de ii
Itsuka waraeru hi ga kuru naraba

Ano hi, anata no kotoba hitotsu de
Tsuyoku nareru kigashita yo
"Nani mo kawaranai de ima no mama de ii"

Imademo kokoro no dokoka ni anata ga iru kara
Mayowazu ni aruite ikeru
Owari ga mienakute mo ii to omoeta yo
Tabi yuku ETORANJE kotae wa shiranakute ii

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Added by: kiHAKU

Ah I’ve passed so many nights
with frozen dreams and faded tears
Warm me, Warm me, Wrap me
Even if I should have forgotten everything for a while
this hateful body, it can’t love anyone
no matter how far I keep walking, I can’t see the end
past’s memories in a travelling companion
What colours will this body be stained in?
I’m searching for the answers

I can’t go back to the day we parted again
The scars coming from deep within won’t disappear
Hide it, Hide it, Hide me
Stars I ripped out with both hands
one, I’ll send one back to the sky again
That time, I was weak and miserable
I lived without knowing anything
But still, I always dreamt of tomorrow
I counted the days on my fingers

such things like the meaning of life It’s ok if you don’t know them
When a day comes when you can laugh
That day, in just one of your words
I had the feeling I could become strong

"Don’t change anything It’s good how it is now" (you said)
and even now
because you are there, somewhere in my heart, 
I can carry on walking unconfused
You taught me it’s ok even if I couldn’t see the end
So I’ll carry on my journey as a stranger* I don’t need to know the answers

*‘Etranger’ the French word is used here

Credits: honey_hate@livejournal

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