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Rodeo (ロデオ) Lyrics
BY  NICO Touches The Walls

Added by: Nekomaniac

黃金の太陽が 轟音のタイマ一が
LIKE A ハリセン
ダッシュで飛び迂むんだ 滿席の3號車
寢癖の Bomber も 氣にしてる場合か さあ行け

恍惚の倍音や 凶暴なハイト一ンが
あっちへ行けとか そっちじゃないとか
何が言いたいのか 他人の言葉は
嗚呼 危險
ぬらりひょん 剝がれそう

だって本當の僕は どこにいる?
わかんないよ 教えてくれ
明日も見えずに 泣きそう 正解は Gone
轉載來自 魔鏡歌詞網

本能か煩惱か 虛構か極光か
本音聞かしてや 胸が痛んでもう大變
黃金の太陽や 恍惚の倍音や
こんがらがって每晚 Cry Again
これこそ 我が一生

だって本當の僕を 誰が知る?
わかんないよ 見つけてくれ
散っちゃいそう 儚くも Dawn
どこにいる? わかんないよ 教えてくれ
明日も見えずに 泣きそう
Everything's gone
僕はどこ? どこにいる?
わかんないよ 見つけてくれ
僕は誰? あんた誰?

Credits: gazenaitogirufan

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Added by: Nekomaniac

ougon no taiyou ga gouon no TAIMA- ga
girigiri ippai de ketsu hikeppataita
LIKE A harisen
dasshu de tobi to-munda man seki no 3 kousha
neheki no Bomber mo ki ni shiteru baai ka saa yuke
rodeo mitai na deizu
toki wa kane nari, desu

koukotsu no baion ya kyoubou na HAITO-N ga
acchi e ike toka socchi ja nai toka
ii meiwaku de
kekka ja nain datte
sainou ja nain datte
nani ga ii tai no ka tanin no kotoba wa
aa kiken
douse tsukaifurushita FURE-ZU
nurari hyon hagare sou

datte hontou no boku wa doko ni iru?
wakannai yo oshiete kure
ashita mo miezu ni naki sou seikai wa Gone
furimawasarecha bukiyou ni shigamitsuku dakeda sou

honnou ka bonnou ka kyokou ka kyokkou ka
honne kikashite ya mune ga itan de mou daihen
ougon no taiyou ya koukotsu no baion ya
me ga mawatten da
kongaragatte maiban Cry Again
rodeo mitai na deizu
kore koso waga isshou

datte hontou no boku o dare ga shiru?
wakannai yo mitsukete kure
me no mae mo miezu ni
chicchai sou hakanaku mo Dawn
furimawasarecha itazura ni
mou shigamitsuku dakeda to
doko ni iru? wakannai yo oshiete kure
ashita mo miezu ni naki sou
Everything's gone
boku wa doko? doko ni iru?
wakannai yo mitsukete kure
boku wa dare? anta dare?
wakannai no?
kami no go kago o

Credits: gazenaitogirufan

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Added by: mikah

The golden sun and the thunderous alarm
spanked me right to my ass like a harisen ϟ
I jumped out dashing into the packed third train car
I couldn't care less about my bed hair, I'll just get going
Every day is like a rodeo where time is money, indeed

The overtones of trance and the atrocious high tones are all
annoying me like: "go that way" or "no, it's not that way";
"it's not about the result", "it's not about the talent"
What is it that you wanna say? Words of others... aah stop
In the end, they are just worn-out phrases that seem to come from nurarihyon's time☁

I mean, where is my real self?
I don't know, someone tell me
I can't see tomorrow, and it makes me want to cry. Whatever's right is gone
I'm just awkwardly clinging on

Is it instinct or a worldly desire? Is it my imagination or an aurora?
Even if I listen to my real feelings, my chest hurts. It's already grave
The golden sun and the overtones of trance
are all making me dizzy, they are screwing me up. Every night I cry again.
Every day is like a rodeo and that's precisely my whole life

I mean, does anyone know the real me?
I don't know, find it out for me
Unable to see in front of me, I just fall down and in an instant it's already dawn
I'm not showing off, I'm just trying to cling on

What is this place? I don't know, please tell me
I can't see tomorrow, and it makes me want to cry. Everything's gone
Where am I? What is this place?
I don't know, find it out for me
Who am I? Who are you?
You don't know?

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