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M.A.M.A Lyrics
BY  Nana Mizuki
ALBUM  Alive & Kicking

Added by: MML

毎日同じ家路を たった一人で歩いてる
後ろを見たらあの頃が 遠くに消えてしまう

久しぶりの日曜日 街は雨で濡れている
電話をしたら瞳にも 雨が降りだしたよ

私の住む 都会の空に
星が一つ 光って微笑んだ

出来なくて 苦しむ小さな肩を
麗しい その手でぎゅっと抱いて
それだけで私の 心は やさしくなれる
見守っていてね My Mother

晴れた日には願ってるの あなたの住む街並が
大きな太陽射しこんで どうか賑わうように

季節もまだ 都会の街は
変わらないの 今夜も寒そうで

笑顔で 見送ってくれたあなた
一人なら ここには来れなかったはず
偉大な あなたがあの日胸で
教えてくれた事 大事に 羽ばたかせよう
支えていてね My Mother

出来たから 景色が変わってきたの
これから 先の見えない道も
ほら見えてきたのは 背中を 押してくれてる
あなたのお陰 My Mother


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Added by: Lamision

Mainichi onaji ieji wo
Tata hitori de aruiteru
ushiro wo mitara ano koro ga
tooku ni kieteshimau

hisashiburi no nichi youbi
machi wa ame de nureteiru
denwa wo shitara hitomi ni mo
ame ga furidashita yo

watashi no sumu tokai no sora ni
hoshi ga hitotsu hikatte hohoenda

sunao ni 'gomen ne'te iu koto ga
dekinakute kurushimu
chiisana kata wo uruwashi
sono te de gyuuto daite
sore dake de watashi no
kokoro wa yasashiku nareru
mimamotteite ne My Mother

hareta hi ni wa negateru no
anata no sumu machi nami ga
ookina taiyou sashikonde
douka nigi wa uyo ni

kizutsu mo mada tokai no
machi wa kawaranai no
konya mo samusou de

to be continued...


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Added by: winterbells1

Everyday I’m walking alone
Down the same road home
When I look back, those times
Disappear faraway
A Sunday that hasn’t come in a long time
The city is being soaked by the rain
When I called, even my eyes
Started to rain

In the sky above the town I live in
A lone star was shining, smiling

Just an honest ‘sorry’
Suffering because I couldn’t say it; you embraced
My small shoulders with those beautiful hands
Just by doing that, my heart becomes soothed
Please watch over me, my mother

On clear days I always hope
That the streets you live on
With a big sun shining down on it
That they are somehow crowded with people

In this town of the area, the seasons have yet
To change; tonight would be cold too, it seems

You, who sent me off with a smiling face
If I was alone, I’d probably be unable to make it here
The things that the great you
Had taught my heart that day; I set them free carefully
Please support them, my mother

Just an honest ‘sorry’
Once I’d said it the whole scenery changed
From now on, even on roads where I cannot see ahead
Look, what I can see is, supporting me from behind
Your shadow, my mother


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