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BY  Nana Mizuki
ALBUM  Ultimate Diamond

Added by: hinata3487

Are you ready

Are you ready

One more chance ... either black or red赤か黒かOne more chance…
Kiss also raise the dignity of ... Kissの尊厳もレイズ…
Can not turn back?もう後戻り出来ない?

Ah passionate color you wanted Bloody Heart Ah 熱情Bloody 欲しかった君色ハート
Two-hand trembled a hammer撃鉄に 震えたTwo-hand
Love you tell [the bullet]伝えたい弾丸『Love you』

But what do we get to shoot a love 墜恋を撃ち墜とせ どんな手でもいい
Oh god ... forgive sins ... Oh god…罪にお許しを…
Joker was knowing portrait of Mary IそうJoker was knowing マリアの素顔
If you love the pistol loaded withピストルに愛を込めたなら
Lies in the name of your release an ...君の名の下嘘を放とう…
System of two cotton二人のワタシ
Which did you like? Which did you like?

Lessons for Mr ...レッスンしてMr…
Well ... can I not.上手に出来ないの….
Sweet Little Devil Rip ...甘い小悪魔Rip…
Killing laughing clownピエロは笑ってKilling

Ah star Eden Tasting like strawberries Ah 星はTasting エデンの苺のよう
Willed, along with gun御心は 銃と共に
So Cry of the fugue [Trigger] Triggerの遁走曲『So Cry』

Meet the New World and I新世界でまた 出会いましょうね
My dear ... really liked My dear…ホント好きだった
After 3 seconds to let them fly Ageru 3秒後には 飛ばせてアゲル
Sun was the primordial love song原初の日 愛は歌だった
Hey ... at least the last lullabyねぇせめて最後は子守唄で…
Do you sleep ...お眠りなさい…

Monaku closed during tonight ... Ha Zasareyuku今宵ハ間モナク閉ザサレユク…
Far to the network storage ... ... ... Memories記憶…追憶…遠クへ…
Angels are the 501 射抜Ka天使達の501で射抜かれ
You look in the sky ... Oh ... God ... and life君はまた生まれ空を見る…Oh…God…

It is a holy night to heaven Guy天に召されよGuy 聖なる夜に
Oh god ... Which am I? Angel or devil? Oh god… Which am I? Angel or devil?
Maria Mask Joker was myself soそうJoker was myself マリアは仮面
狂Waseta lament about love嘆くほど 愛が狂わせた
□ If you ask again Dzukeもう一度□づけ願うならば
Ask God to change the galaxy神に頼んで 銀河を変えて
The roulette withまたルーレットしましょう
Let's begin "LIVE" ... Let's begin “LIVE”…


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Added by: hinata3487

Are you ready

Are you ready

One coin uzumaku Chance…
Akaka kuroka One more chance…
Kiss no songen mo reizu
Mou atomodori dekinai?

Ah netsujyo Bloody hoshikatta kimi iro haato
Gekitetsu ni furueta Two-hand
Tsutaetai kotoba “Love you”

Koi wo uchiotose donna te de mo ii
Oh god… tsumi ni oyurushi wo…
Sou Joker was knowing maria no sugao
Pisutoru ni ai wo kometa nara
Kimi no na no moto uso wo hanatou…
Futari no watashi
Which did you like?

Ressun shite Mr…
Jyouzu ni dekinai no
Amai ko akuma Rip…
Piero ha waratte Killing

Ah hoshi ha Tasting eden no ichigo no you
Mi kokoro ha jyuuto tomoni
Trigger no fuuga “So cry”

Shin sekai demo ta deai mashou ne
My dear… honto suki datta
Sanbyou ato ni ha tobase te ageru
Gensho no hi ai ha uta datta
Nee semete saigo ha komori uta de
O nemuri nasai

Koyoi ha ma monaku tozasureyuku…
Kioku… tsuioku… tooku he…
Tenshitachi no 501 de imekare
Kimi ha mata umare sora wo miru… Oh… God…

Ten ni mesare yo Guy Seinaru yo ni
Oh god… Which am I? Angel or Devil?
Sou Joker was myself maria ha kamen
Nageku hodo ai ga kuruwaseta
Mou ichido kuchizuke negau naraba
Kami ni tanon de kinga wo kaete
Mata ruuretto shimashou
Let’s begin “LIVE”…

Credits: Hibiki:

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Added by: hinata3487

Are you ready

Are you ready

I toss one coin, a chance...
Red or black? One more chance...
I raise my bet with a kiss...
Can I no longer go back after this?

Ah, passionate & bloody. I wanted you, the colour of your heart
I cock the revolver and shake, two more hands
I want to tell you, “I love you”

Strike down love. Whichever hand is fine
Oh god...forgive me for my sins...
Yes, the Joker knew Maria’s true face
If I load love into a gun
I’ll release a lie under your name...
Two sides of me
Which one did you like?

Teach me, Mr...
I can’t get better...
Sweet little devil. Rip...
Clowns laugh and kill

Ah, stars are tasty, like a strawberry from Eden
The Lord’s will, together with a gun
Is the fugue of the trigger, “so cry”

Let’s meet again in a new world
My dear... I really liked you
After 3 more seconds, I’ll let you fly up
On the first day, love was a song
Hey, I’ll at least give you a lullaby at the end...
Sleep tight...

Tonight, I’ll make it stop soon...
Memories...recollections...far off...
Angels gets shot at 501
You will get reborn and look up at the sky...Oh...God...

Be drawn up to heaven, guy, on this holy night
Oh god... which am I? Angel or devil?
Yes, I was the Joker. Maria’s mask
Love drives me so insane that I lament it
If I’ll wish for just one more kiss
I’ll change the galaxy with God’s help
Let’s play another round of roulette
Let’s begin “LIVE”...


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