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Gentō Sanka (幻燈讃歌) Lyrics
ALBUM  Kuchiki no tou

Added by: Evhw

歌:ムック 作詞:ミヤ 作曲:ミヤ

夢を乞う人格よ くだらない幻想を讃えよう
途方に暮れる時間など 意味も意義さえもあるはずもなく
夢を求める人格に 素晴らしい幻覚を与えよう
型崩れの執着は もはや過去の遺物になり果てた
夢を忘れた人格に あたたかな幻燈はもう見えず
だれもかれもが ためらいもなく「いつか」なんて言葉吐き出した

今 生きていることを体に刻め

その弱さかみしめて いつかまた立ち上がれ赤い目で


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Added by: Evhw

yume wo kou jinkaku yo kudaranai gensou wo tataeyou
tohou ni kureru jikan nado imi mo igi sae mo aru hazu mo naku
yume wo motomeru jinkaku ni subarashii genkaku wo ataeyou
katakuzure no shuuchaku wa mohaya kako no ibutsu ni nari hateta
yume wo wasureta jinkaku ni atataka na gentou wa mou miezu
daremo karemo ga tamerai mo naku "itsuka" nante kotoba hakidashita
maemuki na furi wo shita gizensha-domo ga genjitsu ni afuredashi
hito wa itsuka kanashimu koto sae dekinaku natte me wo tojita

yogore kitte shimatta no nara
sono mama naki kuzurereba ii
rojou ni sarasarete tachidomaru riyuu wo shiri
ima ikiteiru koto wo karada ni kizame

tsukare kitte shimatta no darou
dareka ni sugari tsuitatte kamawanai
jibun no muryokusa wo shiri tohou ni kurete
sono yowasa kamishimete itsuka mata tachi agare akai me de

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Added by: Evhw

It’s pointless to glorify a dream like individuality

I’m at loss as to why things like the times should even mean anything

Seek out dreams of being unique and you’ll be rewarded with splendid conformity

You’ve forgotten your dream of being yourself and you’ll never see that warm lantern again

Nobody hesitates to spit out words like “Someday”

You fucking hypocrites acting like you’re so happy, you need a reality check
People closed their eyes and thought someday they won’t even be capable of sorrow

If I made a complete fool of myself

Then just let me break down and cry

I’ll just stand in the road to let the world know why
Living right now is tearing me apart

I wonder if I wore myself out

I don’t care about sticking around for anyone

I want to figure out why I’m so powerless
I’ll gnaw away this weakness and take a stand against those red eyes again someday

Translator Notes: First and foremost, the title "Gentou Sanka" is odd. "Gentou" is a pretty uncommon word nowadays. (I actually had to look it up!) It can be used to mean a "slide projector" like the really old school ones you'd put glass slides of vacation pictures in sorta thing. However, it also means "magic lamp/lantern". As in "Genie-in-a-Bottle" kind of lantern. So when the narrator says if you forget your dreams, you'll never see the lantern...He actually means your "dreams/wishes" will never come true. "Sanka" can mean "hymn/eulogy/song of praise/etc" I chose "hymn" just because it flowed a little better in my mind for a title.

Otherwise, I'd say this song pretty much picks up where "Dakkuu" left off. Still angry, most of it directed at the masses. I get the impression that this is actually supposed to be the same "narrator" as "Dakkuu." If you remember in "Dakkuu" the narrator is stuck in the center of a mob scene, then at the end of the song talks about screaming until everyone actually listened. Seems to me this would be the message he's trying to tell them. But he's defeated at the end of this song, goes off to lick his wounds in private, but vows to come back with a vengeance...

Hmm, concept album much?


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