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BY  Mr.Children
ALBUM  Discovery

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Added by: Ryusenkai

akikan wo keritobashite
kanashimi wo poketto ni shimatte
furimukazu ni DISCOVERY
kewashikuto mo ayumiyuku
tada kimi no te wo totte
massugu ni DISCOVERY

yuudachi ni eri wo tate
mizutamari ni jiyuu wo utsushite
bokura nari ni DISCOVERY
taisetsu na hito wo nakushite
toki ga nagare wasure
ukabaren ga DISCOVERY

daichi wo kirihiraite
tamashii wo tokihanate
naseba naru DISCOVERY
kokoro ni tsubasa wo motte
kono ai wo ryoute ni daite
furimuakzu ni DISCOVERY

Credits: Brian Stewart

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Added by: Ryusenkai

Kick up the empty can
Shove the sadness into my pocket
without looking back DISCOVERY
I'll walk on even if the way is steep
I'll take you by the hand,
and straight ahead DISCOVERY

Put up my collar in the sudden shower,
the puddle reflects freedom
Our very own DISCOVERY
I lose someone close to me,
in time I forget
I can't bring it up but DISCOVERY

Cut through the earth, free my soul
once you start, things happen DISCOVERY
Have wings on your heart,
hold this love with both hands
without looking back DISCOVERY

Credits: Brian Stewart & Takako Sakuma

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