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Haru (ハル) Lyrics
BY  Mr.Children
ALBUM  Sense

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Added by: Ryusenkai

A star that looked like a UFO, streaked across the melancholic night
and then another, and another
for a little while, time came to a standstill.

the curtain billows
and for a bit, the burdens I shoulder float into space
I stop feeling the need to think about for whose sake I’m living
the wind blows through like it’s tickling my worried heart.

The traffic light signals to others, even when the streets are deserted
it lacks in social graces, but it performs its duty
It reminds me of a certain someone.

In the spring breeze
I sort of felt like the world was wonderful
sometimes I think maybe it’s a sign meant to teach me that
it’s a momentary reward for lives stuck in one place.

If I climb to a place where we can view far off cities
we’ll fly away into the sky, the great big sky
on imaginary wings.

stars coming home
vanish in the morning sky
like a dream, you gradually awaken from, little by little.

in the spring breeze
I sort of felt like the world was wonderful
and stopped caring so much about what awaited me at the end of the journey
the winds blows through like it’s softly stroking my cheek
trembling softly.

Credits: Brian and Takako Sakuma

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