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Erimo Misaki (襟裳岬)- Tagaki Reni Lyrics
BY  Momoiro Clover Z

Added by: KumikoMichiyo

北の街では もう 悲しみを暖炉で
燃やし はじめてるらしい
理由の わからないことで 悩んでいるうち
老いぼれて しまうから
黙りとおした 歳月を
ひろい集めて 暖めあおう
襟裳の春は 何もない春です

君は二杯め だよね コーヒーカップに
角砂糖を ひとつ だったね
捨てて 来てしまった
わずらわしさ だけを くるくる かきまわして
通りすぎた 夏の匂い
想い出して 懐かしいね
襟裳の春は 何もない春です

日々のくらしは いやでも やってくるけど
静かに 笑ってしまおう
いじけること だけが 生きることだと
飼い馴らし すぎたので
身構えながら 話すなんて
ああ おくびょう なんだよね
襟裳の春は 何もない春です
寒い友だちが 訪ねてきたよ
遠慮は いらないから 暖まってゆきなよ

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Added by: KumikoMichiyo

Kita no machi de wa mou kanashimi wo danro de
Moyashi hajimeteru rashii
Wake no wakaranai koto de nayande iru uchi
Oiborete shimau kara
Damari tooshita toshitsuki wo
Hiroi atsumete atatame aou
Erimo no haru wa nanimo nai haru desu

Kimi wa nihaime da yo ne koohii kappu ni
Kakuzatou wo hitotsu datta ne
Sutete kite shimatta
Wazurawashisa dake wo kurukuru kakimawashite
Toori sugita natsu no nioi
Omoidashite natsukashii ne
Erimo no haru wa nanimo nai haru desu

Hibi no kurashi wa iya demo yatte kuru kedo
Shizuka ni waratte shimaou
Ijikeru koto dake ga Ikiru koto dato
Kainarashi sugita no de
Migamae nagara hanasu nante
Aa okubyou nanda yo ne
Erimo no haru wa nanimo nai haru desu
Samui tomodachi ga tazunete kita yo
Enryo wa iranai kara atatamatte yuki na yo

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Added by: KumikoMichiyo

In the northern towns, they seem to have already started
to temper their grief over the fireplace
While we are dwelling on meaningless matters,
we are getting old
Therefore, let us warm ourselves,
by recollecting our silent incommunicable past
There is nothing special in Erimo in spring

This is your second cup of coffee, and
you like one sugar for that, don't you?
Forget about the cumbersome past
by stirring the cup of coffee
Recalling the last summer,
we had happy time, dind't we?
There is nothing special in Erimo in spring

Although our daily life comes even if we don't like it,
let us laugh our fears away quietly
Because we are accustomed to consider
that lacking spirits is the only way of life,
we are so nervous
as to talk by girding ourselves
There is nothing special in Erimo in spring
Here, we have a friend visiting us in the cold place
Please feel free to warm up here


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