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Gariben Rock (ガリ勉ロック) Lyrics
BY  Miyavi
ALBUM  Gagaku (雅楽)

Added by: ILikeMangoes

「Rock is deadさ。」なんて軽々しくほざくテメェこそdeadだ!

「ピッチリ横分け坊や」は七対三で右の勝ち。……Winner right side!
いつでもドキがムネムネ、何でもかんでも 「無理無理無理無理無理無理無理無理無理無理無理無理」

So、キョドる&ドモるShy boy、気になるあの子は不良娘。
「クロブチメガネ」だって、Don't diddle daddle.
「ピッチリヨコワケ」だって、Never say die.
かまいやしないさ、フラレタって。.All,up to you.
(ここでほくそ笑む。)..It's no bigger and it a cinch.


You can do it,I`ll say 「Way to go.」

少々お腹出てたって、rock'n' roll.(Mr.久坂氏)
甘いもの大好きだって、custard roll.(Mr.井口氏)
全くもって、No problemだ。(Mr.熊谷氏)



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Added by: ILikeMangoes

[Rock is dead sa.] nante karugarushiku hozaku TEMEE koso dead da.
rinshou, rinshou.
saa, minna de dead da! dead da! EBURIBADI dead da!

kurobuchi mugane goaiyou (onedan tatta no 2980en)
[PICCHIRI yokowake bouya] wa shichi tai san de migi no kachi. ......Winner right side!
itsudemo DOKI ga MUNEMUNE, nandemo kandemo
[muri muri muri muri muri muri muri muri muri muri muri muri] (kyoushuku desu.)
So, KYODOru & DOMOru Shy boy, ki ni naru ano ko wa furyou ko.

[KUROBUCHI MEGANE] datte, Don' t diddle daddle.
[PICCHIRI YOKOWAKE] datte, Never say die.
kamaiyashinai sa, FURARETA tte. .All , up to you.
(koko de hokuso emu.) ..It' s no bigger and it a cinch.

tonari no oBAchaMA mo, ROKENRO-RU.
tsuide da shi, JICCHAn BACCHAn moROKENRO-RU.

[boku to issho ni odorimasen ka.]
mune ni ookokorozashi daite, ashita ni wa kibou egaiterya, sore dake de juubun da.
You can do it , I 'll say [Way to go.]
sorya nayameru nengoro sa, Sex , drug , money , vilence , and ............................. mother?

shoushou onaka deteta tte, rock' n' roll. (Mr. hisazaka-shi)
amai mono daisuke da tte, custard roll. (Mr. igushi-shi)
atama negusemanma da tte, roll , roll , roll . (Mr. nakatani-shi)
mattaku mo tte, No problem da. (Mr. kumatani-shi)

kekkyoku, nani ni, nan no tame ni, nande, nan no toku ga atte, OME nani ga iitee no ka tte?
[VIJUARUkei wa ha ga inochi.] tte ko tta.


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Added by: ILikeMangoes

Rock is dead." cause you cursed it so lightly it's dead.
circular, clinical.2
So, all together, it's dead! it's dead! Everybody, it's dead!

Favorited blacked-rimmed sunglasses (cost only 2980Yen)
"boy with his hair parted perfectly to the side" is a win to the right, 7 to 3 ......Winner right side!
My beat is always chesting, yea whatever.3
"no way no way no way no way no way no way" (so sorry.)
So, awkward & studdering Shy boy, that girl you like is up to no good.

"black-rimmed glasses" you say, Don' t diddle daddle.
"neatly parted to the side" you say, Never say die.
I don't care, I was DUMPED, you say, .All , up to you.
(So you laugh.) ..It' s no bigger and it a cinch.

The lady next door, also, rock'n'roll.
Even the boring guy, rock'n'roll.
And then, the men and women also, rock'n'roll.

"Wont you dance with me?"
If you hold high hopes in your heart, and paint your dreams of tomorrow, just that will do.
You can do it , I 'll say "Way to go."
And then the lost years, Sex , drug , money , violence , and ........................ mother?

I'm getting fat, rock'n'roll . (Mr. Hisazaka)
I like sweets, custard roll . (Mr. Iguchi)
Bed head, roll , roll , roll . (Mr. Nakatani)
That's enough, it's No problem. (Mr. Kumatani)

So then, what, what for, why, what's the gain, and what do you want to say?
Just "Visual-kei is tooth life."4

1. "gariben" is like when you "grind" for a test, to get the best grade possible. You study VERY hard. This is what it means by "grind rock".
2. "circular" and "clinical" both sounds like "rinshou" in Japanese. It makes no sense to the rest of the song, but it's just a play on words.
3. In the Japanese lyrics, he replaces "mune ga dokidoki" (my chest is beating) with "doki ga munemune" (my beat is chesting).
4. In Japanese, this would normally be said "Visual-kei wa wa-ga-inochi", which is literally "Visual kei is my life". Miyavi replaced "wa" (me) with "ha" (tooth) so what he actually said is "Visual-kei wa ha-ga-inochi" (Visual kei is tooth life). No, the pun doesn't translate well into English.

Translator's note:
It seems like in this song, Miyavi's targeting shy, worrysome people who never do anything with their lives. Although it's not easy to pick up because of all the strange little play-on-words he uses, and also his sort of darting around the subject instead of getting at the point, I am confident that he is trying to give the message that people should let go of their fears and make something of their dreams, like he did with Visual-kei.


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