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2 be wiz u Lyrics
BY  Miyavi
ALBUM  2 be wiz u

Added by: dakichan

2 be wiz U
A-yo そこの僕ちゃん、全然 孤独なんて 屁でもねーみてーなツラして
強がってみたり but... I know the feein' buddy (it's just "独りよがり")
本当は誰かに抱きしめて欲しい right ? U know you're all right.
うわべばっかで fxxk upな 人間関係の中 取り繕って とりあえずOK
届け、このSOS 誰か gimme ur hand どっか空しいんだろ、物悲しいんだろ?

いつも街並み 人の波間に うつ向き歩き 皆に合わせる足並み
確かにやって来る明日に 希望持てずに叫ぶ何かに
Baby, don't worry cry もういいよ
you're not alone ever, I'm here forever.

この世界中 誰も独りじゃないから (2 be with you)
I believe たとえ even if 神様に
僕がここにいて君がそこにいる それだけでいい

独り孤高に立ち 強がったり イキがってもしょせん嘘ばっかり
そやって自分殺して生きてきた日々 孤独から抜け出すのは自分自身
Baby don't worry you're not alone ever.

たとえ喉が潰れても かまいやしない
側に居れなくても ココにずっと居るから
この歌声が君に届くといいな (2 be with you)
永遠に、なんて無意味-no meanin'-わかってるさ
君がそこにいて僕が今ここにいる ただそれだけ それだけでいい

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Added by: dakichan

A-yo soko no boku-chan, zenzen kodoku nante he demo ne -mite- na tsura shita
tsuyogatte mitari but.. I know the fleein' buddy (it's just "hitoriyogari")
hontou wa dareka ni dakishimete hoshii right? U know you're all right.
uwabe bakka de fxxk up na ningenkankei no naka toritsukurotte toriaezu OK
todoke, kono SOS dareka gimme ur hand dokka mushiindarou monogarashii n darou?

itsumo machinami hito no namini utsu muki aruki minna ni awaseru ashinami
tashika ni yatte kuru ashita ni kibou matezu ni sakebu nanka ni
Baby, don't wary cry mo ii yo
you're not alone ever, I'm here forever.

kimi ni kimi ni kimi ni todoke, mune ni mune ni mune ni hibike
kono sekaijyuu daremo hitori jyanai kara (2 be with you)
I believe I believe I believe tatoe even if even if kamisama ni
sore ga kirei koto da to iwareta to shite mo boku wa kamawanai
tatoe soba ni irenakutemo, hanarebanare demo ii
boku ga koko ni ite kimi ga soko ni iru sore dake de ii

hitori kokou ni tachi tsuyogattari iki gatte mo shosen uso bakkari
soyatte jibun koroshite ikitekita hibi kodoku kara nukedasu no ha jibun jishin
Baby don't worry you're not alone ever.

kimi ni kimi ni kimi ni todoke, mune ni mune ni mune ni hibike
tatoe nodo ga tsuburetemo kamai ya shinai
soba ni soba ni irenakutemo koko ni koko ni zutto iru kara
kono utagoe ga kimi ni todoku to ii na (2 be with you)
touwa ni touwa ni touwa nante muimi -no meanin'- no meanin'-wakatteru sa
tatoe kono seaki ga subete uso da toshite mo boku wa kamawanai
moshi subete ga asu owattemo, zenbu nakunattemo ii
kimi ga soko ni ite boku ga imi koko ni iru sore dake tada sore dake de ii

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Added by: dakichan

Report this SOS To who? Gimme ur hand Though it is in vain it is still sad right?
In the town walking between waves of people going forward, the pace is adjusted to everyone
Certainly, in the tomorrow that will come, desiring without obtaining, is still okay
Baby, don't worry cry, it's okay already
You're not alone ever, I'm here forever.

To deliver to you, sound to the chest
Because being alone means there is no one else in this world (2 be with you)
I believe even if God was gone
It is a pure thing so I am not concerned
Even if it stays inside, without your hand
Me being here, it is possible to be just as you are

Standing aloof, after your lie was only temporary
By your schedule,
As though sneaking away from loneliness
Baby don't worry you're not alone ever

To deliver to you, sound to the chest
Even if you cannot speak, it does not ease
To stay by my side, because I say it directly
This song should have reached you(2 be with you)
Eternity, how meaningless-no meanin'-Being understood has meaning
Even if assuming that this world is all lies, as for me you are not to be concerned
Even if everything is gone tomorrow entirely
You being there, just as I am here now, would be fine

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