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SURVIVE (Acoustic Instrumental ver.) BONUS TRACK(limited ed) Lyrics
BY  Miyavi
ALBUM  What's My Name?

Added by: dakichan

噛みつくぜI’ll bite youよそ見してんなよ
Who the fuck saying that俺の牙がもう無ぇだと?
守るべき物の為ならI can B back at ZERO
何度でもLike a wolf 這い上がってやるさ

I’m still starvin’…
I’m the Wolf survivin’ with Love.

見てみるよLook around uなんか気守かねーか?
他所行きのプライドなんてNO meaning what so ever
なんもんThrow that awayドブに捨てちまえばいい
聞こえるか?I’m screamin’ out from東京
傷だらけでPeace and Love唄ってるぜROCK ON
Yeah Imma gonna Break’ em allブった斬ってやるさ

This is The way a Wolf survives with Love.

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Added by: dakichan

Kamitsukuze I'll bite you yo so mishitena yo
Who the fuck sayin that ore no kiba wa mou mue dato?
Mamorubeki mono no tame nara, I can B back at ZERO
Nando demo Like a wolf haiagatteyaru sa

I'm starvin'
I'm starvin'
Still starvin'
I'm starvin'
I'm The Wolf survivin' with Love (x4)

Mite miru yo Look around u nanka kisu ka ne ka?
Bakashoujiki ni ikiru yatsu ga baka mitenda
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Tashoyuki no puraido nante NO meaning whats so ever
Nanmon Throw that away dobu ni sutechimaeba ii
Kikoeru ka? I'm screamin out from Tokyo
Kizudarake de Peace and Love utatteruze ROCK ON
Ai mo yoku mo jyou mo konosai nanmonkanmo zenbu
Yeah Imma gonna Break' em all butta kitteyaru sa

This is
The way a Wolf survives with Love (x8)

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Added by: dakichan

I’ll bite you, yo so don’t look away.
Who the fuck is saying that I’ve already lost my fangs?
If it’s for the sake of things I have to protect I can B back at ZERO
Again and again Like a wolf I’ll crawl back up

I’m still starvin’…
I’m the Wolf survivin’ with Love

Try and look Look around u Don’t you notice somethin?
Living a foolishly honest life makes you look like an idiot.
The pride of having been to different places has NO meaning what so ever
It’d be better if you completely got rid of that kinda thing. Throw that away
Can you hear me? I’m screamin’ out from Tokyo
Even covered in wounds I keep singing about Peace and Love. ROCK ON
Love, desires, feelings too, this time I’ll completely destroy ‘em.
Yeah, Imma gonna Break ‘em all

This is The way a Wolf survives with Love

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