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Gift Lyrics
BY  Miliyah Kato
ALBUM  Fighter / Gift

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Added by: Ryosuke24

A rainbow appeared in the distant sky
I shed tears though I don't feel sad
I almost fell over in red high heels
But I wanna wear them even if they hurt

I'd rush through no matter what others say
In this fuzzy-looking world

*I knock on the door now
Shouting toward the boring world
That feeling is about to overflow
Sometimes I just trip along the way
I say to myself "I am me!"
I'll laugh particularly when I feel sad
Until the spilling love will hold me tight

With the well-cared skin and hair and a slim body
I want someone to tell me I'm beautiful I want to get a lot of new clothes
Since I feel I can love myself more

What makes you feel scared and shut yourself away? Just go through your life proudly

**It shouldn't matter if you are laughed at
We'll always keep you safe
Cos you haven't done anything wrong
Don't care if you are different from others
Look at us, we'll be always by your side

We feel proud of ourselves as we are
It's the only one GIFT that was given to us

(chorus * **)

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