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Beautiful Lyrics
BY  Miliyah Kato
ALBUM  Beautiful

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作詞: Miliyah 作曲: Minoru Komorita
どう考えてみても 損なfirst impression
そのままの姿が so beautiful
*Oh Baby! 今より 明日より
なりたいあたしになれる だから
oh! Baby! 今より 明日より
派手めなclothes 濃いアイライン
Oh! No no! 世界中探しても
あたしはOnly One
そのままの姿で oh beautiful
**Oh Baby! 誰にも何にも
真似できない オリジナルな魅力は
地上に 降り立った時から
あたしはあたし あなたはあなた
胸張る あたしたちはBeautiful
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Lyrics: Miliyah Music: Minoru Komorita
Dou mite mo namaiki
Seken misukashita you na fuubou
Dou kangaete mite mo sonna first impression
Moshimo ano ko mitaku
Kawaiku furu mae tanara
Atashi no jinsei mo sukoshi kawatteta kamo
Sou jibun itame tsukenaide
Mune ni toitemite
Sono mama no sugata ga so beautiful
*Oh Baby! ima yori ashita yori
Naritai atashi ni nareru dakara
Tatta hitori no jibun
Hokora naide dousuru!?
oh! Baby! ima yori ashita yori
Itsuwari nai hohoemi
Kuchi nai utsukushisa wo!
Anata wa Beautiful
Kagami ni utsutta
Hademe na clothes koi airain
Nanika ga tari nai
Kawaiku nai atashi
Oh! No no! Sekaijuu sagashite mo
Atashi wa Only One
Sono mama no sugata de oh beautiful
**Oh Baby! Dare nimo nani nimo
Mane deki nai ORIJINARU na miryoku wa
"Dare no tame" dewa naku
"Atashi dake no tame" ni
Chijou ni ori tatta toki kara
Atashi wa atashi anata wa anata
Mune haru atashitachi wa Beautiful
Machi wa kikazaru hito tachide afure kaeshiteru
Uso no nai utsukushi sa shinjite
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Lyrics: Miliyah Translation: Jonathan Wu

Why do you look so conceited?
Everyone in the world can see through you like air
So think about, that hurtful first impression

Would you look at that girl
if she behaved all cute?
Cuz then my life would change a little

I won’t deny
that I question my heart
Cuz that way, that appearance, is beautiful

*Oh Baby! From now and tomorrow on
I’ll try to be who I want, but
there can be only one me
How can not be so proud about it!?
oh! Baby! From now and tomorrow on
I’ll smile without lying,
and be beautiful without decay!
You are so Beautiful

Reflected in the mirrow
are flashy clothes, and thick eyeliner
but there is something missing
because I don’t look cute enough

Oh! No no! Searching the entire world to
find that I’m Only One
Cuz that way, that appearance, is oh so beautiful

**Oh Baby! Nothing, and nobody
can copy my original charm
“For someone else” it ain’t, cuz
“It’s just for me”
When we have to stand up,
I am me, and you are you
my heart clenches, cuz we’re both Beautiful

The city overflows with dressed up people
But I believe in beaty without lies

Repeat *
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