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Superman / 超人 Lyrics
BY  Mayday
ALBUM  All God's Children Can Dance

Added by: Tomagotchi

把內褲當外衣 如果你能夠開心 
展開披風 帶你飛行

誰賜予我這一身 無助的能力
神也不能阻擋 你想離開的心

為什麼拯救地球 是那麼容易 
為什麼束手無策啊 我和你的愛情
為什麼我能飛天 也能夠遁地 
為什麼我卻沒辦法 長驅直入你的心

曾經你讚美我手臂 逛街多能提 
最凶狠的怪獸 也不能與我為敵 

我給了我這一幕 難堪的結局
誰要這樣超人 連自己也救不起

為什麼拯救地球 是那麼容易 
為什麼束手無策啊 我和你的愛情
為什麼拯救地球 終於完美結局 
為什麼 我只能夠 眼看著愛燃燒成 灰燼

世界如果被殘酷攻擊 誰來接手我的超能力

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Added by: Tomagotchi

If the world is brutally attacked,
Just give me a telephone booth
I’ll make my underwear become my outerwear; then if it makes you happy
I’ll spread out my cape and take you flying

Who bestowed this life on me, useless powers,
Even god can’t stop your heart from wanting to leave

Why is saving the world so easy
Why do I feel so helpless when it comes to our love
Why can I fly to the heavens, and can flee the earth,
But why is there no way for me to drive deep into your heart

Once you praised that my arms could lift anything you could see while walking the streets
Night and day by your side protecting you
The most fearsome and hated monster was still no match for me
So why am I so afraid of your falling tears

I allowed myself to come to this humiliating ending
Who wants this kind of Superman, who can’t even save himself

Why is saving the world so easy,
Why do I feel so helpless when it comes to our love
Why is saving the world at last the perfect ending,
Why can I only watch my love flare up and turn to ashes

If the world is brutally attacked, who will come take over my superpowers

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