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And I Know / 而我知道 Lyrics
BY  Mayday
ALBUM  Time machine

Added by: Tomagotchi

冰塊 還沒融化 妳在看錶 我 笑的尷尬
妳說 最近很忙 改天聊吧

那天 我在樓下 想了很久 想 妳說的話
妳說 愛情很窄 世界很大(而我們應該長大)

就這樣吧 就這樣吧
我想我 聽懂妳 話中的話



微笑 緊緊咬牙 給妳祝福 妳 自由飛吧
妳說 溫室沒有燦爛的花(妳總是很有想法)

就這樣吧 就這樣吧
我同意 可是我 淚如雨下

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Added by: Tomagotchi

The ice still hasn’t melted, but you’re looking at your watch, I laugh awkwardly
You say you’ve been busy lately, let’s find another time to talk

That day, downstairs, I thought for a long time about what you said
You said love is so narrow and the world is so big (and we should grow up)

So that’s how it is, that’s how it is
I think I understand the meaning of your words

And I knew that real love doesn’t necessarily last forever
And I knew one day you might want to walk away like this
And I know, I know, all this I know
I just can’t take it

And I know that at one point we cried and laughed together
And I know to let go of your hand but not how to forget you
And I know that since you left, every minute, every second
Is still so unbearable

Smiling, tightly grinding my teeth, I wish you happiness, you can fly freely
You say greenhouses have no wild flowers (you’ve always had your way of thinking)

So that’s how it is, that’s how it is
I agree but my tears are like falling rain

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