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Good Night, Earthlings / 晚安 地球人 Lyrics
BY  Mayday
ALBUM  All God's Children Can Dance

Added by: Tomagotchi

紫皮膚 大腦袋 血液不綠也不藍 
在我已經毀滅的星球 我比五月天還帥
那一年 大逃難 爸爸把我丟上船 
光的速度能比愛恨快 所以我也忘了哭
來到這裡 一光年外

沉睡 七年的蟬 換取  七天的燦爛

生命 穿過漫長 年代  直到 名為人類的 災難

諸葛亮 赤壁戰 萬人一塚的豪邁 
千年之後重回幕螢 還是爭戰的舞台
難道會 又重來 媽媽她說的混亂 
誰能還清自己的卡債 誰能控制核子彈
誰能頓悟 輪迴會來

大人 在冷氣房 作戰  小孩 在太陽下 逃難

石油田 的乾旱 華爾街捲起災難 
終於人們發射飛彈 捍衛自己的晚餐
多害怕 在未來 人類對一切習慣 
拿著字典一頁頁的翻 始終找不到的字

是不是愛 是不是愛
不要是愛(地球人晚安 地球人晚安)
不要是愛(地球人晚安 地球人晚安)

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Added by: Tomagotchi

Purple skin, huge head, blood neither green nor blue
On my already-devastated planet, I’m more handsome than Mayday
That year, a great refugee movement, dad put me on a ship,
The speed of light is faster than love or hate, so I forgot to cry
I arrived here, a light-year away

The cicadas sleep for seven years in return for seven days of splendor

Life passes through endless eras of the disasters humankind is famous for

Zhu Ge Liang, the Battle of Chi-bi, ten thousand people’s single heroic tomb,
Thousands of years later repeated on the TV screen, war is still on center stage
It is possible that the chaos mom spoke of has come again,
Who can completely pay off his own debts, who can control nuclear weapons
Who can experience the enlightenment that brings transfiguration of the soul

Adults in their air-conditioned rooms create wars, children out in the sun flee from them

Oil fields have all gone dry, Wall Street rolls up in crisis,
In the end people fire missiles to protect their own evening meals
What’s more frightening is that in the future, people will be accustomed to this,
When they pick up a dictionary and fan through its pages, from beginning to end they can’t find a word

Is it love, is it love
I don’t want it to be love (earthlings, goodnight, earthlings, goodnight)
I don’t want it to be love (earthlings, goodnight, earthlings, goodnight)
I don’t want it to be love

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