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Kuai Le Hen Wei Da / 快樂很偉大 Lyrics
BY  Mayday
ALBUM  Born to Love (Wei Ai Er Sheng)

Added by: Tomagotchi

想要天下 天空就會在腳下
如果雨下 夢想很快就發芽

如果有夢 woo be cool woo woo be cool

越玩越high 越玩越大 快樂無限 夢無價
天都不怕 地也不怕 大聲的唱 快樂很偉大

貝多芬是 十八世紀的怪咖
相信自己 明天你就會稱霸

Credits: Tomagotchi

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Added by: Tomagotchi

Wanting the world, the sky under my feet
If it rains, dreams can quickly sprout

If I have dreams, woo be cool woo woo be cool
They’re about to explode

The more fun the more high the more fun the grander, happiness is limitless, dreams are priceless
The heavens aren’t afraid, the earth isn’t afraid, sing loudly, happiness is grand

Beethoven is an 18th century oddity
Believe in yourself, tomorrow you will rule

Credits: Tomagotchi

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