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Call Me Number One / 叫我第一名 Lyrics
BY  Mayday
ALBUM  Mayday Nowhere World Tour Live

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You say what use is a person like me, you say the best thing for me is to be thrown in the garbage truck
You say what use is a person like me, watch a movie, eat a midnight snack, then go sing songs

Eat my fill then sleep, sleep my fill then eat, I don’t over think things
Speaking of fun, I’m leaving, what’s the matter, we absolutely must keep track of who wins and loses

La…. You can only win if you love to have fun, la… who's willing to take me on
La….. you ask what to call me la….. call me number one

You say when it’s late throw out the trash, when it’s early stop the truck, you say winter’s too cold and summer’s too hot
You say the people you like don't like you, you say life’s road can be this steep

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