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You Xie Shi Xian Zai Bu Zuo Yi Bei Zi Dou Bu Hui Zuo Le (有些事現在不做一輩子都不會做了) Lyrics
BY  Mayday
ALBUM  Mayday Nowhere World Tour Live

Added by: weebllikespie

年輪裡面有鐘 皺紋裡面有鐘
就算暫停全世界的鐘 也停不了 一秒鐘

跌倒以後有痛 後悔以後有痛
問你最痛會是哪一種 答案說明所有

想像你的孫子 孫女 充滿光的瞳孔
正等著你開口 等著你說 你最光輝 的一次傳說

每個平凡的自我 都曾幻想過
以你為名的小說 會是枯燥 或是雋永

從前只想裝懂 裝做什麼都懂
懂得生存的規則之後 卻只想要 都不懂

如果人類的臉 長得全都相同
那麼你和人們的不同 就看你怎麼活?

想像你的白髮 皺紋 緊貼你的輪廓
你最終的朋友 就是此刻 那些最瘋 最愛和最痛

每次衝動留下的 都有所不同
然而有天你會懂 就是那些 讓你不同

每滴眼淚掙脫後 都帶走懦弱
感動總在衝動後 苦澀回憶 都會溫柔

每個平凡的自我 都曾幻想過
然而大多的自我 都緊抓著 某個理由

每個渺小的理由 都困住自由
有些事情還不做 你的理由 會是什麼?

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Added by: weebllikespie

Rings inside bell wrinkles inside bell
Even pause the clock around the world also can not stop for a second

After a fall have pain regret after pain
Asked you the most pain will be what kind of answers suggest that all

Imagine your grandchildren full of light pupil
Opening waiting for you to say you most glorious legend is waiting for you

Each ordinary have illusions over
To you the name of the novel will be boring or Meaningful

Equipped to understand the past just want to pretend to know everything
Understand the rules of survival, but only want to understand anything

If the human face looks all the same
Then you and the people of different depends on how you live?

Imagine your gray hair wrinkles close to your outline
Your ultimate friend is at the moment the most insane favorite and most pain

Each impulse left are different
However, one day you will understand that make you different

Every tear away cowardly to break free
Touched bitter memories will total impulse after gentle

Each ordinary have illusions over
However, most of the self-clutching a reason

The each tiny reason are trapped free
Some things not to do what your reasons?

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