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Mai Lai Luan (麦来乱) Lyrics
BY  Mayday
ALBUM  Just My Pride -Best Selection

Added by: LyrreChelle

眼泪咸 哭到眼泪 不咸
过一天 痛一天
一天亲像 一冬
过一冬 你又找阮 开讲
你说你 你想我
我的一冬 拢无采工
最怕你 讲你犹原思念
最怕你 说你爱我
心搁破洞 我搁山崩
电话我也不接 找我我也不睬
麦来乱 无缘的人
麦搁来乱 去爱别人
真感谢 感谢你的 陪伴
自屏东 到基隆
走过这多 美梦
梦醒了 咱是无缘 的人
拜托你 麦回头
麦搁问我 目眶怎红
为怎样 我奈这白目
明知影 你是这危险
搁学不会 闪
放着你 甲我的青春
甲我的生活 拢拆吃入腹

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Added by: LyrreChelle

mai lai luan
wu yue tian
yan lei xian ku dao yan lei bu xian
guo yi tian tong yi tian
yi tian qin xiang yi dong
guo yi dong ni you zhao ruan kai jiang
ni shuo ni ni xiang wo
wo de yi dong long wu cai gong
zui pa ni jiang ni you yuan si nian
ge zai gei ruan xi wang
zui pa ni shuo ni ai wo
xin ge po dong wo ge shan beng
dian hua wo ye bu jie zhao wo wo ye bu cai
mai lai luan wu yuan de ren
mai ge lai luan qu ai bie ren
zhen gan xie gan xie ni de pei ban
zi ping dong dao ji long
zou guo zhe duo mei meng
meng xing le zan shi wu yuan de ren
bai tuo ni mai hui tou
mai ge wen wo mu kuang zen hong
wei zen yang wo nai zhe bai mu
wo nai zhe fan tong
ming zhi ying ni shi zhe wei xian
ge xue bu hui shan
fang zhe ni jia wo de qing chun
jia wo de sheng huo long chai chi ru fu

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Added by: LyrreChelle

Wheat to chaos
Tears salty cry tears not salty
Day to the pain one day
A winter day pro-like
In a winter you find Nguyen lecture
You say you think I
My winter rope without mining workers
Utah original thoughts are most afraid of you say you
Resting give Nguyen hope
Afraid you say you love me
Heart resting on the hole I put a landslide
I do not answer to find the phone I also know yourself
The wheat to chaos missed people
Jimmy resting chaos to love others
Really grateful to thank you for your company
Since Pingtung to Keelung
Through multi-dream
Wake up, we missed the chance
Come on you Jimmy look back
Jimmy resting asked me how red Mukuang
Chennai This white head for how I
I Chennai eater
Knowingly shadow this dangerous
Resting learn not flash
You A youth lying
A life rope demolition eat Rufu

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