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Heart Of Xmas  BY  Masaharu Fukuyama  +LYRICS

Heart Of Xmas by
5 Nov 1998
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Info: This was the only song written and released during Fukuyama's 2-year hiatus from the music industry in late 1995-1997. In 1996, his fanclub BROS invited their members to submit Christmas lyrics for a song to commemorate their 5th anniversary. These final lyrics were compiled from the many sent in. Fukuyama then wrote the melody for the song and publicly performed it for the first time in the BROS 5th anniversary concert "BROS PARTY '96" @ Yoyogi National Stadium on 1996.12.01. This was also the only live concert by Fukuyama during his sabbatical. This song was then sold privately on CD within BROS Fanclub a year later in Dec 1997. With Fukuyama's return to the music scene in 1998, Heart of Xmas was finally released publicly in his 13th single "Peach!!/Heart of Xmas" on 1998.11.05. Music: Fukuyama Masaharu Lyrics: BROS

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