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Gunjou~ultramarine~  BY  Masaharu Fukuyama  +LYRICS

Gunjou~ultramarine~ by
30 Jun 2009
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Info: This live performance was captured during Fukuyama's "I'm With U" 24 Hour Radio Charity Music-thon special broadcast, which he hosted live non-stop from 1pm 2011-04-09 until 1pm next day, for the 3-11 East Japan Disaster. April 09 and 10 were the original days for his Miyagi concerts which were postponed following the massive destruction to the city. Fukuyama had help from co-host Souguchi Akihisa who joined him from halfway through the 2nd hour, and 71 guests who voluntarily dropped into the All Night Nippon studios where the live broadcast was made. But he alone led the show for the full 24 hours. There were hourly reports live from the disaster zones and listener calls from the Touhoku, some even calling from refugee shelters. The charity programme was broadcast on AM Radio throughout the country and especially in the disaster area, where many victims had only radio access for news of rescue and delivery of lifeline necessities. More than 10 hours into the show, from 11:30pm to 1am (which was Fukuyama's regular All Night Nippon slot), he held a mini-concert live on radio, before resuming the last 12 hours. Footage of this concert was subsequently released on DVD with the 27th single Kazoku ni Narouyo / Fighting Pose (limited ed charity single). It was reported that the special programme itself raised a total of JPY103million (USD1.3 million) from listener donations between April 09 to May 31. Over 20,000 people visited the studio to donate, just during the 24 hour period of the broadcast alone, and 3,000 waited in the street outside for Fukuyama after the show. The song Gunjou was first performed on 2007 Music Station Super Live (2007-12-21) and then made digitally available for a limited time on Chaku-uta & Chaku-uta Full from 2007-12-21 upto 2008-02-06. It was not formally released on CD until more than a year later in the 10th album Zankyou. Ending theme song for TV Tokyo's news programme "World Business Satellite". Music / Lyrics : Fukuyama Masaharu

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