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Hotaru Lyrics
BY  Masaharu Fukuyama
ALBUM  Hotaru

Added by: brendad307

ありがとう この街で僕のこと見つけてくれて


どこにいたの? どんな世界で君は生きてたの?

誰を愛したの? どんな傷があるの? 一人きり泣いてたの?

今君だけを見つめてる 怒った顔も笑った顔も

この言葉じゃきっと足りないけど 君が好き

作り笑い嫌いなこと 雷が駄目なこと



古い教会 坂道の通学路 会って欲しい人がいる


ちっぽけでもどんな悲劇さえも 焼き尽くすように



泣いた秋も 寄り添い歩いた冬も 


ありがとう この街で出会ってくれて 生まれてくれて

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Added by: brendad307

Arigatou kono machi de
Boku no koto mitsukete kurete
Bokutachi ha nanimo kamo
Shiritakute koi wo shita

Doko ni itano donna sekai de
Kimi ha ikite tano
Dare wo aishita no
Donna kizu ga aruno
Hitorikiri naitetano

Ima kimi daki wo mitsumeteru
Okottakao mo waratte kao mo
Kono kotobajya kitto tarinai kedo
Kimi ga suki

Tsukuriwarai kiraina koto
Kaminariga damena koto
Bokutachiwa nanimokamo chigaukara

Bokuga sodatta machini itsuka isshoni kaerouyo
Furui kyoukai Sakamichino tsuugakuro
Atte hoshii hitoga iru

Ima hotarubino youni bokura
Inochino hiwo moyashite iru
Inochino hiwo moyashite iru
Yakitsukusu youni

Ima kimidakewo mitsumeteru
Deatta harumo hashaida natsumo
Naita akimo yorisoi aruita fuyumo
Kimiga suki

Kono machide deatte kurete
Umarete kurete


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Added by: brendad307

Thank you.....
For noticing me in the streets
It’s because we want to know all (about each other)
that we can fall in love.

Where were you before? What was your world like?
Who did you love? What scars do you bear?
Have you been crying alone?

I only want to gaze at you now
When you’re angry, when you smile,
These words are certainly not enough, but still
“You're the one I love.”

How you hate to force a smile
How you’re no good with thunder
It’s because we’re so different
that we can love each other.

Let’s go back together to the city where I grew up
That old chapel, that uphill slope to school
The people I want you to meet.

We are like fireflies now
Lighting up the flame of life,
However small our glow, we can still burn up
Any tragedy that comes.

I only want to gaze at you now
Through the spring we met, and the simmering summer
Through the autumn when we cried, and the winter we walked past, huddled together
“You're the one I love”

Thank you.....
For our encounter in the streets
For being born


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