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Himawari Lyrics
BY  Masaharu Fukuyama
ALBUM  Niji / Himawari / Sore ga Subete sa

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Added by: brendad307

Asano wangansen shiroi station wagon
Machiga toozakara kimiga sobani iru

Biscuit hohobatte sankaimeno date shiyou

Motto motto kimiga
Futarikino nichiyoubi

Hikaru kujuukuri akai lunch box
Nureta levis no kimiga hasyaideru

Nekoronde shinkokyuu mune ippaino itoshisawo

Motto motto kimito
Isshoni itatiyo
Aosorano nichiyoubi

Datte datte bokuha
Daisetsuna nichiyoubi

Taiyouga shizundara
Drive-in theater dekuchizukewo

Motto motto kimiga
Futarikiri nichiyoubi

Motto motto kimito
Issho ni itaiyo
Owaranai nichiyoubi


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Added by: Izumi2009


I had a dream
Of the summer I spent with you
A summer that went on forever
A summer that cannot be replaced ever

Reaching up towards the sun
Like a sunflower you were

Laying upon your lap
The dusk dyes my cheek its color
The sweet wind tinkles out
A lull-a-bye on the windchime like a number
And always, always
Just having you next to me
Is all I'll ever need

Is the bus we missed
Still running?
Is the beach that we strolled along
The same way it has always been?

Those transient frolicking days
Are like the flickering lights of fireflies

Cool breeze blowing pass our shoulders
A quiet night of pre-festivities
The smell of shampoo
From your hair still wet from being washed
Happy, so very happy,
I called out your name many times
And that made me happier still
(And always, always
Just having you next to me
Is really all I'll ever need

I had a dream
Of the summer I spent with you
And like that summer that we spent together
The sunflowers have bloomed

Credits: vspirit @ MashaPlus forums (

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