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Michishirube Lyrics
BY  Masaharu Fukuyama
ALBUM  Keshin

Added by: brendad307

わたしは その手が好きです
あなたの その手が好きです

だけど わたしには笑顔で・・・

愛に出逢い 愛を信じ 愛にやぶれて
愛を憎み 愛で赦し また愛を知る
風に吹かれ 迷いゆれて 生きるこの道

あなたの笑顔 それは道標


傷もためらわず 痛みもかまわず
壊れてもまだ 走り続けるわたしにも
あなたは やさしく・・・

人に出逢い 人を信じ 人にやぶれて
人を憎み 人を赦し また人を知る
風に吹かれ 泣いて笑い 生きるこの道

あなたの笑顔 それは道標
風に吹かれて 走っています
あなたがくれた この生命の道を

わたしは この手が好きです
ほら あなたによく似ている
あなたの その手が好きです


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Added by: Izumi2009

Road Sign (Michishirube)

I like those hands,
living this simple life day by day,
bringing us up to set out on our own
I like those hands of yours.

Working the earth in the rain,
your back crouched down, sowing seeds one by one
You must have had to give up your dreams
yet you always showed me your smile....

We meet with Love; believe in Love; get hurt by Love,
We despise Love; then forgive with Love and learn how to Love
Battered by wind, confused and in doubt, along my path,
your smile showed me the way.

I like this sea,
this long and winding road.
Coming to this sea where you were brought up
somehow seems to ease my regrets.

Not stopping when hurt, not bothered with pain,
proclaiming that "to win" is the only truth
charging on even as I break myself
Yet you still show me your kindness.....

We meet with People; believe in People; get hurt by People
We despise People; then forgive People and learn to understand People
Battered by wind, in tears and laughter, along my path,
your smile showed me the way.

Battered by wind, I race on
It was you who gave bearings to this life.

I like these hands
Look! They look like your hands
Bringing us up to set out on our own
I like those hands of yours.

Credits: izumisano @

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