Get My Way! Lyrics
BY  Mami Kawada


Get my way!


凪いだ心の帆に 風が吹き抜けてった
そして lose my way
ずっと君がいるならいいか それも悪くはない
so I go together.

天気予報なんてない 全部気分次第
何にも心配ない 任せて! 自由自在

蹴り上げた靴に‘Put a wish’絶対晴れる!
結果は…I'm looking at nothing...

たまには賭けてみよう ねえ君に委ねてみたい

颯爽と駆け抜けてto fly 晴れ間が見えるthe sky
そして make my way
そっと差し出す君の手で 無敵になれるから
so I go together.

本当は寂しくって… なんて見せたくない!
追いかけて欲しくって 1人で飛び出した

わがままになるのは それだけ君に夢中だから

つむじ風さらう心に 怖さは消えていった
そしてfeel my way
きっと素直になれるように 夜空に願うよ
Please take me together.

颯爽と駆け抜けてto fly 晴れ間が見えるthe sky
そして get my way
だって君のその笑顔に 勝るものなどない
so I go together.

星がキレイだ 明日も晴れるさ

nai da kokoro no ho ni kaze ga fukinuke te tta
kimochi yureru
soshite lose my way
zutto kimi ga iru nara ii ka sore mo waruku wa nai
so I go together.

tenkiyohou nante nai zenbu kibun shidai
nani ni mo shinpai nai makasete! jiyuujizai

keriage takutsuni "Put a wish" zettai hareru
kekka wa...I'm looking at nothing...
mou ichido,yari naoshi!

tama ni wa kakete miyou nee kimi ni yudanete mitai

sassou to kake nuke te to fly hare maga mieru the sky
shinjite tayo
soshite make my way
sotto sashi dasu kimi no te de muteki ni nareru kara
so I go together.

hontou wa sabishi kutte... nante miseta kunai!
oi kakete hoshi kutte hitori de tobi dashita

wagamama ni naru no wa sore dake kimi ni muchuu dakara

tsumuji kaze sarau kokoro ni kowasa wa kiete itta
sobani iteyo
soshite feel my way
kitto sunao ni nareru youni yozora ni negau yo
Please take me together.

sassou to kake nuke te to fly hare maga mieru the sky
shinjite tayo
soshite get my way
datte kimi no sono egao ni masaru mono nado nai
so I go together.

hoshi ga kirei da ashita mo hareru sa

The wind blows through the sail unfurled in my heart
My heart starts dancing
And I lose my way
It’ll be fine as long as you’re always there
It’s not that bad of an idea, so I go together

There’s no weather forecast, everything’s up to how I feel
Don’t worry about a thing, just leave it to me freely

Put a wish in the shoe you kicked up into the air, and it’ll definitely be sunny
The result is … I’m looking at nothing
Try it again

Once in a while, let’s try taking a risk, I want to leave it in your hands

Running swiftly like you want to fly, you can see through a break in the sky
I believed you would
And so I make my way
With the hand you gently reach out to me, I can become invincible
So I go together

I said that reality is lonely…I don’t want to show something like that
I said that I wanted you to chase after be and jumped out on my own

Just by becoming selfish, I put you in a trance

In a heart carried off by the whirling wind, you said fear would vanish
So be by my side
And I’ll feel my way
I’ll pray to the night sky so that I can surely become honest
Please take me together

Running swiftly like we want to fly, we can see through a break in the sky
I believed we would
So I get my way
But there’s nothing that beats your smile
So I go together

The stars are beautiful. It’ll be sunny tomorrow, too.


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