Gorgeous Devil Lyrics
BY  Silver Ash


弥散的彩色的霓虹 无法捕捉你闪动的背影
罪恶谎言编制的陷井 捕捉我在一瞬的失控

犹豫瞬间露出了狰容 又在瞬间消失无影
诱惑嘴角露出了笑容 就在瞬间将我禁锢

美丽的gorgeous devil 堕落灵魂的猎手
感觉不到你的温度 狂笑之中的颤抖

迷失在你的笑容 令人狂喜的烟幕
I can sell all of my soul

身体在快乐中失控 你却消失在烟雾中
受尽折磨已枯萎的灵魂 还要为你高歌狂舞

鲜血已渗出了肌肤 快乐麻木抽痛的神经
伸出沾满鲜血的双手 妄图抚摸你迷离的面容

美丽的gorgeous devil 堕落灵魂的猎手
已经看不到你的笑容 还在滴血的伤口

迷失在你的幻境 令人恐惧的笑声
You can sell all of my soul

credits: http://www.geocities.com/visual_silverash

Ni san de cai se de ni hong wu fa bu zhuo ni shan dong de bei ying
Zui e huang yan bian zhi de xian jing bu zhuo wo zai shun de shi kong

You yu shun jian lu chua le zheng rong you zai shun jian xiao shi wu ying
You hua zui jiao lu chu le xiao rong jiu zai shun jian jiang wo jin gu

Mei li de gorgeous devil duo luo ling hun de lie shou
Gan jue bu dao ni de wen du kuang xiao zhi zhong zai zhan dou

Mi shi zai ni de xiao rong lin ren kuang xi de yan mu
I can sell all of my soul
Zi yuan chen mi zai ni bian zhi de meng

Shen ti zai kuai le zhong shi kong ni que xiao shi zai yan wu zhong
Shou jin zhe mo yi ku wei ling hun hai yao wei ni gao ge kuang wu

Xian xue yi shen ru le ji fu kuai le ma mu chou tong de shen jing
Shen chu zhan man xian xue de shuang shou wang du fu mo ni mi le de mian rong

Mei li de gorgeous devil tuo luo ling hun de lie shou
Yi jing kan bu dao ni de xiao rong hai zai di xue de shang kou

Mi shi zai ni de huan jing lin ren kong ju de xiao sheng
You can sell all of my soul
Wo yi hui mie zai ni shou zhong

credits: http://www.geocities.com/visual_silverash


The dissipating multi-colored rainbow no way to catch your flashing silhouette
A trap made of sins and lies catching me at an instant when I lost control

Showing a ferocious expression in a flashing moment of hesitation
Then vanishing it in the next moment
Showing a smile on the corner of the seductive lips
Imprisoning me in an instant

Beautiful Gorgeous Devil hunter of the fallen souls
Cannot feel your warmth quivering from the mad laughter

Lost in your smiles a smoke screen that causes wild joy
I can sell all of my soul
Willingly lost in the dream that you weaved

Body lost control in ecstasy yet you disappeared into the smoke clouds
The withered soul that has been tormented yet it still needs to sing and dance for you

Fresh blood has seep out of the skin joyous numb painful nerves
Extending both hands covered with fresh blood attempting to feel your mysterious face

Beautiful Gorgeous Devil hunter of the fallen souls
Cannot see your smile anymore the still bleeding wound

Getting lost in your land of illusions these morbid laughter
You can sell all of my soul
I’m already destroyed in your hands…

credits: http://www.geocities.com/visual_silverash

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