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BY  lol
ALBUM  Bye Bye

Added by: SprinterXkyrie

形のないものはそう 全て、壊れやすくて
君は何も言わず見つめてた この胸の中
そっと手を伸ばして包んだ 壊れないように

You know what time is it!

それが芸術 外道Borderless
幾らBrave Songでも Let Rest in Peace!

二つを一つに シンクロさせる

Blaze away! (Baby, don't be afraid)
二つの光が (You'll feel your pain)
Blast away! (Someone there to heal me)
痛みも涙も 全て
傷つけて 傷つきながら
(Slash me with your blade)
一つの未来へ 輝き続けてく


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Added by: SprinterXkyrie

unmei nante shinjitenai to me o sorashiteta
katachi no nai mono wa sou subete, kowareyasukute
kimi wa nanimo iwazu mitsumeteta kono mune no naka
sotto te o nobashite tsutsunda kowarenai you ni

You know what time is it!

afuredashiteku Wannabes
sore ga geijutsu gedou Borderless
oto mo tatezu ni chikadzuki
ikura Brave Song demo Let Rest in Peace !

fureteita kankaku ga ima
futatsu o hitotsu ni shinkuro saseru

Blaze away! (Baby, don't be afraid)
futatsu no hikari ga (You'll feel your pain)
Blast away! (Someone there to heal me)
kasanariau tabi ni
itami mo namida mo subete
kizutsukete kizutsukinagara
(Slash me with your blade)
hitotsu no mirai e kagayakitsudzuketeku


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Added by: SprinterXkyrie

I'd been averting my eyes, saying I don't believe in fate;
Things without form are so easily broken.
You were staring at me without saying a thing... from within my heart.
I reached my hand out to wrap you up and keep it from breaking.

You know what time it is!

Overflowing wannabes-
That's art: unorthodox, borderless.
It draws close without making a sound...
No matter how brave a song, let rest in peace!

That sensation I'd been feeling,
Synchronizes two as one.

Blaze away! (Baby, don't be afraid)
As two lights... (You'll feel your pain)
Blast away! (Someone there to heal me)
...overlap in turn:
Pain... tears... everything-
Hurting and getting hurt along the way,
(Slash me with your blade!)
We continue to shine toward a single future!


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