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Rising Hope Lyrics
ALBUM  Rising Hope

Added by: miguel0122

握ったメッセージ、That’s Rising Hope。

(Welcome to message crazy)。
(Can you distance standby)。
(Here we go)。

綴[つづ]った手は、Rising soul。




(Hey am tension)。
(Hey one two three)。
(One two three)。
(Turf now)。

(Are three earth)。
(No no no don’t worry)。
(One two three)。


(I belleve babytone)。

(I seen my home)。


握ったメッセージ、That’s Rising Hope

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Added by: miguel0122

Nigitta messēji, That' s Rising Hope.

(Welcome to message crazy).
(Can you distance standby).
(Here we go).

hiruganai sekai hijou na genjou
tsudzuku kabe wa nan juusou
imeeji dori nanka janai
shizuka ni sawagidashita honnou

meiro mitai ikidomari nanda mou shikou wa distortion
kuusha nai ne itsunomani miushinatta rutto abaredasu

pay attention! hey what is it?
watch your step now!
joushiki nanka iranai
are you serious!? no no no, don’t worry 1,2,3
fukikaesu shinzou no rizumu

shikai mada kuranderu sore demo ikanakucha
kimi ga shinjiteru boku wo uragiru
wake ni ikanai
tsuyoku kurakushon ga naru

kodoku na mama toki ga tattatte
nigeru koto oboetatte
atarashii kyou ga kichau kedo (i’m feeling magical)

kono negai tatoe mahou ga nakutatte
kanae nakya chikatta
boku wa kimi to mada mitai mirai arundayo

nakisou demo
kuyashikute mo tomatte irarenai
nigitta messeji that’s rising hope


demo kedo non stop de gan gan semaru hard way
where’s the solution!? uchi no mesaretemo
get up! come on! and hurry up! come on!
sonna sonna jikan narasugu sama gomi hako

-kai nante chiri hokori douzen
saa two step OK shouting OK
yokubari asobase
kahi mo sanpi mo zenbu boku no mono
shinzou no arugorizumu

hora mamoritain datta
boku no koe ga denpashita

iron hanron wa yurusu kedo
kono omoi wa fuyoui ni kagaku dekinai deshou?


kiite yo tadoritsuita seikai iwanakucha
kimi ga kureru omoi no zenbu wo shinjite
ikeru sore ga uso ga douka nante
wakaranakute mo ii

dareka ga shimesu mihontte nandake
futsuu no aitte nandake
boku wa kyou mo boku ni toikakeru

toikakeru tabi te ni ireru no wa kawaranai shinjitsu
boku wa iranai mada mitai mirai ga aru kara

kodoku nanka wa kiete nakunatte
nigeru koto iya ni natte
atarashi kyou wo sagasundayo (i’m feeling magical)

kono negai tatoe mahou ga nakuttate
kanae nakya chikatta
boku to kimi de tsukureru mirai nara mou chikai

boku no migite kimi no hidarite sotto tsunaide
nigitta messeji that’s rising hope

hanasanai kara that’s rising hope~
rising hope~

(Welcome to message crazy).
(Can you distance standby).
(Here we go).


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Added by: weebllikespie

A tightly grasped message; that’s rising hope!

This world is unrelenting in this time of chaos, too many layers deep to count.
Nothing is as I imagined and my senses are quietly building to an outburst.
It’s like a labyrinth and I’ve hit a dead end; all my thoughts are in distortion.
There’s no time to rest; if I lose sight of my goal, I’ll go berserk.

Pay attention! Hey, what is it? (Watch your step now!) I don’t want your rationalization!
(Are you serious!?) No, No, No, don’t worry! 1,2,3
The rhythm of my heart comes welling up!

My view is still fuzzy, but I have to go onward;
You’ve got faith in me, and I can’t betray myself… a horn sounds off with force.

Even if I pass the time in solitude, or am forced to run away,
A new day will come.
Even if I have no magic, I have to make this wish come true. I swore to it.
There’s still a future I want to see with you.
Even if I feel the tears coming… even if I feel defeated… I can’t stay still.
A tightly grasped message; that’s rising hope!

But it’s just non-stop, bearing down in a hard way.
Where’s the solution!? Even if you’re forced to swallow it,
Get up, come on, and hurry up! Come on!
If nothing comes of the time you’re giving, toss it right in the trash.
Regrets are worth less than dirt! C’mon two-step: OK, shouting: OK. Let your desire run wild.
All forms of approval are mine to decide, so let my heart’s algorithm fly!

My voice sounded out, saying, “I want to fight for this”.
I’ll allow an objection or two, but you can’t apply science lightly to this feeling!

Listen carefully… I have to tell you the answer I’ve come to:
I’m going to live believing in all the feelings you gave me,
And I don’t even need to know whether they’re real or not.

“What exactly is a role model? What is ‘normal’ love?”
I’m still asking myself those things today…
The more I ask, I obtain an unfaltering truth:
“I don’t need those things; there’s still a future I want to make happen!”

Even if solitude were to perish and I grew tired of running away,
I’ll merely pursue a new day.
Even if I have no magic, I have to make this wish come true. I swore to it.
The future we can make together isn’t far off.
My right hand joins gently with your left:
A tightly grasped message; that’s rising hope!

We won’t ever let go; that’s rising hope!


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